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Only 10% of the Population is Emotionally Intelligent. Are you?

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Well this was an interesting quiz with great questions. I like to sniff out good quizzes and though I really like the Angel and Spirituality ones, this one peeked my curiosity. I think this emotional intelligence test is just to see how compassionate you are or how you deal with certain issues and situations in your life, including the people around you. Turns out only 10% of the population is emotionally intelligent.

This raises some serious questions for me. Does this mean that the rest of us are cold and careless? Does this mean that the population has lost its compassion for each other and themselves? It’s frightening to think what the other 90% of people are. Really.

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Apparently only 10% of the population

So according to this test I am Definitely Emotionally Intelligent and this is what it says about that:

You are emotionally intelligent. You embrace change, and you always look for ways to make life more happy, fulfilling, and stimulating. You are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and aim to surround yourself with optimism. You don’t seek perfection, but appreciate what you have. You are continually learning and growing towards independence. When you give, you expect nothing in return. You don’t hold grudges, and don’t let anyone limit your joy. You are able to set boundaries, and can absolutely be assertive when necessary.

It’s kinda nice to know I’m part of that 10% population.

Your turn

So go ahead and give this test a go. Find out if you are one of the 10% of the population who is emotionally intelligent. Share your results down below (if you feel comfortable enough to do so) so we can see what the other answers and definitions are.

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  1. I’m emotionally intelligent ?❤ got this right so me…

  2. Definitely emotionally intelligent . Nailed it.

  3. I apparently have NO emotional intelligence. (And the quiz doesn’t either since it shouted NO! Lol)

  4. Yes spot on , life is for living and learning mistakes and all. Namaste.

  5. Not at all accurate, I strongly agreed that I spend time (lots of time) thinking about past mistakes but my result said I’m free from burdens of the past, I’m also not a spontaneous risk taker which the results say otherwise but other than those 2 things the rest is quite accurate. :p

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