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can you pass this difficult psychology quiz?

Can You Pass This Difficult Psychology Quiz?

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Quiz time! The word difficult in this psychology quiz caught my eye. Well how difficult can it be? Lemme tell ya. It was hard af. I think the last 3 questions I just hit any old answer. I had no clue.

When in doubt choose C right? Needless to say, I barely passed and I’m not even sure if I really did or they are just being nice to me.

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Psychology Quiz

I’ve taken a lot of quizzes and tests in my day but this one takes the cake for being super hard. I just had to share it with you. Maybe some of you guys are way smarter than me! I’d think yes.

I don’t know much about psychology or programming or therapy or doctors or nothing really for that matter. This psychology quiz was purely a guessing game for me. Every single question.

My results

So after scratching my head and choosing C, and I have to add, thank God there weren’t many questions, turns out I knew a little more than half the answers. 5 out of 9 is what I got. Looks like I’m a good guesser!

You know, I honestly don’t know how accurate these quizzes are but I gotta tell you, I do learn some new things from them. I like some of the IQ tests as well. Though the questions are also super hard, I learn new things!

That can’t be bad, right?

Go ahead and take the psychology quiz now

Go ahead and try your hand at this friggin hard psychology quiz and let us know how you do! Drop your results below if you feel comfortable enough to do so and don’t feel bad if you didn’t pass. It’s a toughie!!

If you liked, or hated, this quiz, make sure to head back to my quiz page and take a few more while you’re here! I always try to choose quizzes that I think you might like. If there are certain types of quizzes you love, let me know! I’ll try to sniff them out for you and add them to the quiz page!

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10 Responses

  1. 6 out of 9 but I thought it would be more like questions about different diagnosis…

  2. i’m 15 years old, took a psychology, sociology and anthropology class and was the youngest one there. I got a 9/9 on this quiz.

  3. Wow 18 yrs old…and never studied psychology …but got an 8 …tadaaa

  4. 6/10 says I am a physiology genius and yet having studied psychology along with two other social sciences I feel I did not do well. I did not guess but did not know some of the names and so anything I thought I had heard I ticked. I knew the Pavlov one and yet did not tick that, that suggests that psychologically I sabotage myself…ha ha ha (joking) x

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