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Are You Smart Enough To Read These Words? I Wasn’t!

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OMG! This test hurt my head so bad. You know, I love quizzes and tests and all that other ridiculous fun stuff but this quiz was just…..omg. Was I smart enough to read these words? Oh hell no. Not even close. I honestly was slightly disappointed in myself because, as a writer, I should know more words, shouldn’t I?

But they have the words all messed up like some jigsaw puzzle and it just hurts your brain!! Not only that, it’s really hard to figure them out!

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Are you smart enough?

Clearly, I wasn’t. What started out to be a fun quick and easy little quiz turned into eyeball and brain torture. I didn’t exactly fail but I didn’t get all the words either. Maybe it’s time to expand my vocabulary and check the dictionary every now and then to sharpen my word skills and enhance my writing? I dunno.

This is what my results were:

Brilliant! You managed to decipher most, if not all of the encoded words! This means that you’re a good problem solver and an outside-of-the-box thinker with a creative and curious mind!

I’m not really sure what that means but apparently I got a few wrong? No clue.

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Your turn. Try it out and see how many you can get! Unfortunately, for some reason, the result doesn’t tell you how many you got right or wrong, it just says whether or not you got them all. If you liked this quiz (or hated it as much as I did) you might also want to try out a few more! Click on the ones below and have some more fun!

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