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What Kind of Woman Are You??

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Last Updated on 2 years by Iva Ursano

Well this has to go down in the history books for the best of the best quizzes. Why? Oh because of all the hot images of men!! Phew! I really enjoyed this quiz actually because it really just confirmed the kind of guy I like.

Some of the images were hard to choose from, I gotta admit. I wanted to choose all or none. I had no trouble with the Game of Thrones selection though. I’m a Jason Momoa girl all the way!!

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Hot men alert!

So after going through all the pics of super hot men I got my results and honestly wasn’t too surprised by them. Let me share them with you:

You are 30% beautiful and 70% intelligent

You always try to use your brain to its very full potential! Learning new things has always come easy for you and this is because you really love doing it! You prefer to engage in intelligent conversation and you usually impress people with your keen insights about the world around us.

Along with your impressive intellect, you possess key traits of beauty! While you are clearly beautiful on the outside, we are talking about your inner beauty that is completely mesmerising to others!You have an inner light of goodness that radiates wherever you go and people can’t help but follow this shining light!

Your turn!!

Take this delicious test to find out what kind of woman you are by the pics of men you choose. You may want to take this quiz a few times just to look at the guys! Ha!! Drop your results below if you feel like sharing with us all! If you liked this quiz, you may like this one too!

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  2. Am 30% 70% sentimental….I’d like to be powerful n intelligent not sentimental…oh well it is what it is

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