What is Your Spiritual Gift? Find Out Now

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I’m a sucker for a good quiz and this one was interesting. I like to consider myself a spiritual person. After taking this fun little spiritual personality test I realized my spiritual gift is pretty spot on. The questions had me thinking a wee bit and one I couldn’t answer at all and had to pick “none”. That doesn’t usually happen with me. Interesting indeed.

Spiritual Personality Test

So after going through this spiritual personality test to reveal my gift, it turns out I’m  a Dreamer. Boom! They sure got that right.

You’re a dreamer!

Dreamers have the special gift to receive messages and reveal truths in their dreams. When you fall asleep, your dreams work as a channel between the spirit world and the real world. You know to never interpret your dreams literally, for they always contain some hidden meaning or symbolism.

You almost always remember your dreams and without fail they deeply reflect the inner truths of what’s happening around you. You often find yourself saying “I just dreamt about you!” to friends and loved ones.

Your dreams are a channel for you to learn the deepest truths about this life, use your gift wisely and help the rest of us out in the process. What did you last dream about? Tell us in the comments!

Your turn.

Go ahead and take this beautiful spiritual personality test and find out what your gift is. If you feel comfortable, drop your answers in the comments below so we know what the other spiritual gifts are too!

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  • It’s absolutely true,
    One of my friends sister staying in UK. was sad with the result of her pregnancy. I overheard my friend talking to her sister on phone and suddenly I got couple of flashy pics and something made her to say something like this, ask your sister to recheckup in April on 22nd the result will be positive! Cause I saw a hospital scene and a calender. Both sisters didn’t believe and it was obvious cause her sister was working in a very well known pharmaceutical company. Doctors had said she would never get pregnant. But my friend convinced her to check up and to our surprise the result was +ve :) my friend next asked me if the kid would be male or female and I got a vision of the kid peeing I said male. And guess what
    Bulls eye. Since then there were many such visions and all so far have come true.
    Thanks guys.

  • I would like to know my spiritual gift,the path that it determines the ultimate good ,purpose and destiny 1for that of all mankind.

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