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What Colour is Your Aura?

Last Updated on 2 years by Iva Ursano

Aura colours are an interesting thing, amirite? I was happy to find this quiz. I took an aura test awhile ago where they want you to focus on something and then try to see colours but I never could. I know some people can see other people’s auras and I so wish I had that gift.

Though I am very intuitive, and I can easily feel people’s energy, one thing I could never do is see the colour of their aura. Something I may practice.

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My aura

So it turns out my aura is yellow. That doesn’t really surprise me. I’m a happy bubbly kinda girl and yellow is a happy colour. It also turns out to be one of my favourite colours ever. It just always makes me happy. There is so much positive energy in the colour yellow. I love it.

What’s your colour?

Go ahead and take this test. The questions were actually pretty fun to answer. One had me thinking a wee bit. Let us know if the results were accurate for you if you happen to already know your aura colour. Hit the share button to find out what your friend’s colours are too! If you liked this quiz, you might also like this one!!

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