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New Moon June 2018-Speak Your Truth!

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Can you believe we’re already half way through 2018? What a year it has been so far. How are things shaping up for you? The energies have been super high right up until this point and I’m surely not the only who feels this. Each new moon this year has had special meanings and energies. I hope you took advantage of them all. I did my best.

New moon in the Gemini sign

Reflecting back on the last 6 months we can take inventory of how things are working either in our favour or against us. This new moon in Gemini on the 13th of June is telling us it’s time to do some self awareness and realization work. How far have we come? What went wrong? Perhaps we chose a wrong path or didn’t listen to our intuition. Or it could be that shit just went wrong and it was totally out of our control. That happens too.

Don’t beat yourself up over anything. It’s not the end of the world and you still have plenty of time to reach any year end goal you set out to accomplish.

Find your voice and your inner wow!

If you haven’t been listening to your gut instincts it might be time to do so. Find your voice, use it, listen to your intuition and follow your heart. Is there a creative spark inside of you that needs fanning? Fire that sucker up.

Figure out what hasn’t worked in the past 6 months and work on a plan to correct that. Did you miss a cue from someone? Is it time to get out more and meet more like minded people who, quite possibly can take you to the next level? Open your mind and expand your horizons.

It’s time believe in yourself, your creativity, your inner genius and your ideas.

Open your mind with this new moon

What have you been thinking lately? We don’t think about things for nothing. There’s a reason a certain thought or idea keeps popping up. It might be time to investigate it further. Are some of your thoughts simply limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living the life you deserve? Might be time to ditch those thoughts. They haven’t served you well yet, I doubt they will any time soon.

Find out why these negative thoughts keep occurring, deal with the issues causing them and then let them go. The past is holding you back. Time to release it.

Communicate your thoughts

…and your feelings and anything else that is bottled up inside. Gemini sign is one of communication. Get a journal and start writing. Write whatever comes to mind. It could be a truth letter, a good bye letter or a love letter. Whatever the case may be, you may need to get some stuff out and off your chest, take a step back and have another look at the situation/person/thing, see how you feel and think about moving on.

The next half of the year is crucial in moving forward. It’s time to release whatever you-ness you have bottled up inside, be yourself, your true self, express yourself the way you have always wanted to, but maybe were too afraid to do so and release your intentions to the new moon energies.

Stop worrying and start believing

Worrying hasn’t got you very far so it just may be time to let it go. Replace worry with a big deep breath and blow it out hard. Remind worry there is no room in your life for it anymore. Fear and worry have been holding you back long enough. It’s time to let go.

During this new moon, write out your intentions for the next month. What do you need to let go of and what do you want to have more of in your life. Write it out, feel it, believe it and let it go. I keep my new moon wish list under my mattress under my head and then the day before the next new moon, I take it out, read it and then burn it. It’s just my thing.

The new moon energies are high for two weeks following the 13th. Use these energies wisely.

Enjoy this energy. It’s gonna be deep.


Sharing is caring!

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