What’s Your Enneagram Personality Type?

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This enneagram personality test is hugely popular on the net these days so I figured I would share it with you guys. An interesting quiz with great questions. The end result for me? Keep reading. This Enneagram personality type quiz went viral in 2017.

With good reason, it’s a great quiz!

The questions will have you thinking a wee bit but they are relatively easy. I’m always drawn to these kinds of quizzes. I mean, we think we know what type of personality we really do have but then these just make us question everything we thought we knew about ourselves.

Enneagram personality test results

So it turns out I’m a Loyalist. I’m not really surprised.

Your Ennegram personality type is the Loyalist. The driving force in your life is faith. Whether it be religious faith or faith in an ideal or goal, you are deeply committed to strongly held beliefs about the world.

You are prone to worrying and your greatest fear is lacing love and support from a reliable group of friends and supporters. When unbalanced you often find yourself unable to make decisions and seek reassurance in others.

When you trust your intuition and your inner compass, you’re incredibly courageous. Your ideals have mind blowing potential. Trust yourself, rely less on others, and stay true to your cause. The world is truly your oyster.

What’s your Personality type.

Take the Enneagram personality test to find out what your type is and share your results down below. Like this quiz? Share it out to your friends and find out what they are! If you love this quiz, why not check out this one too while you’re here!

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What’s your enneagram personality type?


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  • My Enneagram personality type is the Helper. You need to love and feel loved. You’re the most trustworthy of all the types and your naturally enjoy helping others. You fear being under appreciated and you often overcompensate by giving more of yourself. You’re naturally humble and you thrive on others noticing your good deeds. All you need is a little appreciation and your potential to help others is endless. You’re a natural saint with deep emotional intelligence. Could you be the next Mother Teresa? We think so!

  • The Helper – Pretty much sums me up but Mother Teresa may be stretching it a bit.

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