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Past Life? Where Did You Live in Yours-Find Out Here!

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You guys know I love quizzes, I really do, but this one was brutal. Honestly, this was just so bad I had to share it with you guys. The hardest part for me was picking a picture without giving it any thought. No thought whatsoever. Like, how do you do that anyway?? I struggled hard on this one but I was persistent because I really wanted to know where I lived in my past life.

That kinda stuff intrigues me. I remember once, many years ago, a lady once told me that I might have been of Greek origin (like either a queen or a slave?). How awesome it would be to go back and see my past life if that was the case.

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Past Life Quiz

So it turns out my *Past Life* place was Paris. I may have been a street artist or a prostitute? Who knows. I could see being a street artist. Maybe like a singer or something fun! Anyway, it’s your turn now. Take the quiz, don’t think too much picking images, (good luck with THAT!!) and drop your results below! I’m curious to see where the rest of you lived in your past life and what the other places were.

Where did you live?

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