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We Will Guess Your Age Based on These Lifestyle Questions

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Well this was a super fun guess your age quiz!! I’ll be honest. I normally have serious doubts about any of these “we can guess your____” quizzes but this one kinda surprised me.

You know I only sniff out the good quizzes for you guys. And I also do each quiz I share with you. If I think it sucks and the results suck I ain’t sharing it.


Guess your age quiz


The quiz was super short and super simple. No trick questions here and I could totally see where they were going with these questions.

After answering them all honestly (and you need to be honest) here are my results:

You Are 42 Years Old!!

You are a quiet and reserved 42 year old. Your spirit animal is DOLPHIN, and your 3 most dominant traits are: good-natured, humorous, and loyal.

Well, I wish I was 42 again but I can see how they chose a more ‘mature’ age for me. I’ll take the dolphin as my spirit animal!! As far as my 3 most dominant traits, I gotta say that’s pretty spot on.



Did we guess your age right?


Go ahead and take this short and fun quiz and let us know in the comments below if we (they, actually, not me) guessed your age accurately. How far off were they? Were they pretty darn close or way off? They were slightly off on mine but close mentality wise (does that make sense).


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  1. The guess was way off. There guess was 29.. I’m 51. I suppose this is Mi inner youth.

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