10 Powerful Self Love Quotes You Should Read When You’re Down

You know it’s hard to love yourself some days. Even those who claim to be full of self confidence and self love have their down days too. Whether they admit it or not. They do. I know when I was digging my way out of hell, it was inspirational and self love quotes that got me through the worst of my worst days.

Now, over on my Facebook page and on Pinterest I post a ton of these quotes to help inspire and empower others to have more self love and hope for a better tomorrow. They worked for me and I hope they work for you too.

Self love quotes

Here are probably 10 of my favourite self love quotes. I hope you love them. 

  1. Don't try to pretend to be anyone else but you. Love who you are and be proud of you. You're not perfect, you're beautiful. Click To Tweet



2. You are all this and then some. Remind yourself daily of how magnificent you are.

self love quotes to help you love yourself, love yourself, you are amazing

3. When you think you don’t matter remember these things and fall in love with yourself all over again.

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4. Love everything about you and your life. You are amazing!!

self love quotes to remind you to love yourself, start loving yourself again, love yourself quotes

5. BOOM!!!

Never apologize for being a powerful woman!!


6. Yup you sure do. Love yourself more than anyone. You matter the most.

self love quotes to help you get back to loving yourself, love yourself quotes, you are magnificent quotes

7. Believe in yourself and how awesome you are. Love yourself and let your light shine. (are ya loving these self love quotes?!!)

self love quotes to inspire you, love yourself again, quotes on loving yourself again

8. YES!! Treat yourself just as good, if not better, than you do others. You deserve it more!

self love quotes, love yourself again, treat yourself with love

9. That’s confidence baby. Love yourself so much that it just doesn’t matter who likes you and who doesn’t.

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10. You are so beautiful. Own that. Love yourself and the beauty inside of you.

self love quotes, quotes to help you love yourself,love yourself firtt

This is one collection of self love quotes. I hope you liked it. I should do blogs like this more often. It was kinda fun digging through posters for you.

If you’re ever feeling crappy and like you’re worthless, come back to this blog and read these posters again. Remind yourself how truly amazing you really are.

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