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This Inkblot Test Will Reveal Your Greatest Fear in Life

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If you follow this blog at all (you do, don’t ya?) I posted an Inkblot personality quiz awhile back. It was a really good one and super accurate. It is one of the internet’s favourite quizzes. If you haven’t seen that one, the link is above in blue. You should go do it!

Anyway, when I stumbled upon this inkblot test I just had to check it out and take it.

Though I found some of the questions or should I say, some of the images, hard to figure out it was definitely a great image test. This inkblot test didn’t fail to deliver mind blowing results either.

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Inkblot test

So after answering the questions and trying to analyze the images these are my results. I’m astounded to be honest. How did they do this? The results for me are crazy accurate.

According to my answers, my greatest fear in life is Rejection. And it’s true.

Based on what you saw in the ink-blot images, your biggest fear is rejection. You’re an extremely loving and sensitive person who cares deeply for your friends and family. You’re petrified by the fact that the love you have for others may not be reciprocated to you.

The thought of someone harshly shutting you down is terrifying! Don’t worry too much though, because rejection is a part of life. Just keep the people who treat you the best and love you the most close to you – and then you won’t have anything to fear!

Your turn

Try not to think too hard, like I did, on figuring out the images. Some of the options they provided I didn’t even see at all so just go with the closest guess you can make. You’ll understand when you take the test. Drop your results down below so I can see what the other fears are.

Don’t forget to check out the other inkblot test I have linked just up above and see how accurate the results of that one are for you.

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  1. Like most of us out there, your greatest fear is death. This fear may manifest in getting overly analytical about health problems. Maybe lay off the web MD! Very accurate!

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