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9 Surprising Social Media Detox Benefits

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How many of you are addicted to social media, say “Aye!!”. Don’t feel bad. Lots of us are. Today I want to discuss social media detox benefits and why getting rid of social media might be a good option for you, or me, or some of us anyway!

According to, an estimated 330 million people.

An Estimated 330 Million People Will Potentially Suffer from Internet Addiction in 2022. According to a 2017 report in Technology in Society, estimates suggested that over 210 million people worldwide suffer from internet and social media addictions.


WOW!! See. You’re not alone in your addiction. 330 million of us are glued to our devices and have replaced human interaction with phones/tablets/computers. We sit at the table for dinner and are so immersed in our phones, we have no idea what’s going on around us.

Totally oblivious to the people we are sitting with. Totally disconnected from them.

Is overcoming social media addiction possible? Probably, but it will take some effort on your part. I always say to people “Ask yourself why you are doing something” (like making a change to enhance your life). Think about your why and focus on that.

9 social media detox benefits

I think a good social media cleanse is in order every now and then. A flush, if you will. It’s a time that you’ve set aside to completely unplug from all your electronic devices and just enjoy being alive. With no distractions except maybe the birds singing outside.

This could be once a week or maybe even once a day, all depending on just how addicted to social media you are.

Without further ado, here are the social media detox benefits.

1 You’ll be calmer

Think about how agitated you get when you read something on your IG or Facebook feed. Something you probably didn’t need to know and nothing you can control. When you take a social media detox, it’s like out of sight out of mind. And you’ll be calmer!

2 Boost your self esteem

I know this probably sounds weird but listen, if you’re on social media and constantly comparing yourself to the people on your friend’s list, oy. See where I’m going with this? You’re gonna feel like you’re a loser. Instead, take that time off social media to spend loving and honouring yourself.

3 More time to dream

When was the last time you sat down with a pen and paper and wrote out some of the goals and dreams you want to fulfill. Spend more time doing that and less time feeling sorry for yourself. If you want things in your life to change it’s up to you to change them. Unplug social media, grab your pen and paper and spend time with your thoughts and hopes.

4 Less headaches

If you’ve ever had a tension headache, stress headache, migraine, etc you know that most of them are caused by stress, anger, frustration, overthinking and a lot of these emotions come from something you read on social media. Turn off your phone, chill out, no headache!

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5 Give back

Go spend more time giving back to your community. Have you always wanted to volunteer somewhere? Well go do it!! Get off the couch and into the community and go and do that thing. Or maybe go sit on the park bench with that old guy who feeds the pigeons and have a chat. You may learn something! But if you don’t, your heart will certainly explode

6 More time for your hobbies

Your hobby=that thing that brings you joy but you put on the backburner years ago and never looked at again. Go dig that up and start enjoying your hobby again. Maybe it’s painting or knitting or sewing or whatever. Get off the damn computer and go sew something fun! Or maybe you can knit up some mittens for the homeless people!

7 Spend time in nature

Get outside and get some fresh air and some Vitamin D! In case you didn’t know, fresh air is the best and most natural mind cleansing tool there is. Many people have a-ha moments out in nature. It may sound cliche but it’s true. Mother nature is great for the soul and the mind.

8 Connect with humans again

Next time you go out for dinner with friends, leave your phone in your car or purse or even at home. Connect with humans in real life, not just on Facebook and IG. We need hugs. We need human interaction. We need these things for our mental health.

9 Let go of the past

Meaning, stop stalking your ex. You know what I’m talking about. Actually, if you’re still doing that, delete him/her, block them, totally cut the cords of attachment there babe. It’s time. It’s completely friggin stressing you out. Seriously. Stop it.

How to detox from social media

Well it won’t be easy but it’s not impossible either. I use a day planner, not even joking, and schedule 2 hours a day of off social media stuff. It could be go out with friends or go play with puppies in the lane or go for a walk.

Make a plan with what you are going to do with your new ‘free time’!

Schedule in that time like you would a doctor’s appointment and stick to it!!! Thank me later :) A social detox definitely won’t kill you. One thing I do know though is that it will certainly make your life better and your mental health too.

You can either block those apps or delete them if even only for a short time. Just to take a break! Tell your friends and family you’ll be off social for awhile (so they don’t send out a search party looking for you).

Happy detoxing!

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