What is Your Spiritual Gift?

I’m a sucker for a good quiz and this one was interesting. I like to consider myself a spiritual person. After taking this fun little quiz I realized my spiritual gift is pretty spot on. I’m a Dreamer and oh how I am.

Take this short quiz to find out your spiritual gift and drop your answer in the comments below. And as always, share away!!

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  • It’s absolutely true,
    One of my friends sister staying in UK. was sad with the result of her pregnancy. I overheard my friend talking to her sister on phone and suddenly I got couple of flashy pics and something made her to say something like this, ask your sister to recheckup in April on 22nd the result will be positive! Cause I saw a hospital scene and a calender. Both sisters didn’t believe and it was obvious cause her sister was working in a very well known pharmaceutical company. Doctors had said she would never get pregnant. But my friend convinced her to check up and to our surprise the result was +ve 🙂 my friend next asked me if the kid would be male or female and I got a vision of the kid peeing I said male. And guess what
    Bulls eye. Since then there were many such visions and all so far have come true.
    Thanks guys.

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