Will You Find True Love In 2021? Find Out Now

Will you find love this year? find out now

Ohhhh hello strangest quiz of all strange quizzes. Oy. This one was a doozy!! At first glance, the title caught me. Ya I wanna know if I’m going to find love in 2021. Don’t we all (single peeps raise your hands!!)? Clearly 2020 was an absolute sh*t show for life in general for all humans […]

Are You a Sociopath or a Psychopath? Find Out Now!

Oh this was a fun online quiz to take! I gotta admit, I was super excited when I found this one. To be perfectly honest, any quiz that says “are you a sociopath” or “are you a…whatever”, I’m all over it. I already know if I am or not but I like to take these […]

Which Magical Being Are You?

Which one of the mythical creatures are you?

Well, this will go down in the history books as the craziest most bizarre online quiz I have ever taken in my life BUT, I also have to say that the magical tone to it was kinda fun. Wondering which of the mythical creatures I might be had me answering the questions as fast as […]

What Is Your Strongest Mental Ability?

what's your strongest mental ability

This quiz crossed my path this morning and I had to test it out. You all know I love quizzes but you also know I try them first before I share them with you. This mental ability quiz only had 9 questions so it was quick, easy and painless. The last question kinda threw me […]

The Color Wheel of Emotions Quiz. Find Out Who You Are!

who are you-emotion wheel color test

Oh how I loved this online quiz so much. I was excited to see it pop up this morning and couldn’t wait to do it. For those who know, colors play a huge role in our lives, not only aesthetically but emotionally as well. They speak to us, sometimes louder than words. I love the […]

What is Your Mental Age? Find Out Now With This Test

take this mental age test now

Another good one for the books. I love these types of quizzes where they guess your ages. This mental age test was no different and when I stumbled upon it I had to take it. I’ll be honest though, the questions were slightly odd and I wondered how some of my answers were going to […]

What Is Your Single Spark That Lures Men In?

what single spark do you have, how to lure men in, what spark do you have that lures men in, take this fun quiz now, just a fun quiz

Oh it’s ridiculous fun quiz time. This really is just a silly and mindless quiz but it caught my eye and I just had to do it. The questions, some of them, were silly in my opinion but I honestly answered as best I could anyway. I needed to know what they thought my single […]

Answer These Quiz Questions to See if You Are a Logical Whiz!

quiz questions, knowledge quiz, general quiz, online quiz, fun trivia questions,

I was sifting through the quizzes tonight to try to find a good one for you guys and I almost passed this one by but on second thought I decided to stop and to answer these quiz questions to see how much of a whiz I really am. In all honesty, I was pleasantly surprised […]

This Yes or No Quiz Will Reveal What You’re Most Confident In.

online quiz, personality test, personality quiz, myers briggs personality test, fun quiz,

Who doesn’t love a good Yes or No online quiz? Oh admit it, you love them. This one had some fun questions and some bizarre ones too! I was scratching my head on a couple of questions. I’d have to say this isn’t my most favourite quiz to share with you guys but it’s still […]

96% of the Millennial Generation Can’t Spell These Words. Can You?

trivia questions, online quiz, pass, test, millennial generation, test, american,

Millennial Generation Weeee fun quiz time!! This one was great!! Though I do have a small confession to make, I’m not of the millennial generation ( I know~gasp!) I had to try it out and see what the words were and if I could spell them. They do also gear this test to Americans as […]