What Is Your Strongest Mental Ability?

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This quiz crossed my path this morning and I had to test it out. You all know I love quizzes but you also know I try them first before I share them with you. This mental ability quiz only had 9 questions so it was quick, easy and painless. 

The last question kinda threw me for a loop but I answered it as best I could. 

This quiz also had me wondering a little bit before I even took it. What is a mental ability anyway?

I find that I usually lead from my heart and not my head. I’m of the mindset that my heart knows the way. I just let my head follow sometimes.

What is my strongest mental ability?

After answering all 9 questions as honestly as I possibly could, here are my results:


Your strongest mental ability is logic! You’re down to earth, serious, and always resort to calm, cool and collected logic. Your mind works based on hard facts and not fleeting emotions. Sound, logical arguments appeal to you, even if emotionally you may feel otherwise.

You pride yourself on your balance and fairness but others may see you as a bit aloof and uncaring. You have a strong sense of right and wrong, always striving to live by a moral code and ethical standard. Your calm and logical thinking will take you far!

Though that is mostly true, I disagree with the part where I work on hard facts, not fleeting emotions. I wondered about this as one of my answers to a question was that I go by my gut instinct so I’m not sure where they got this from. 

Take the mental quiz now

Go ahead and take this short and sweet quiz to see what your strongest mental ability is. As usual, don’t take the results too seriously. Remember these are all just fun quizzes.

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what's your strongest mental ability
What’s your strongest mental ability?


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