only highly gifted people can read encrypted messages

Only Highly Gifted People Can Read Encrypted Letters-Can You?

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Oh I love these ones. Where you have to really put your thinking cap on and try to decipher a message. Anyone else? When I came across this highly gifted people quiz I had to take it. Am I one of them?

Read on.

So this quiz has all encrypted messages and you have to try to read them and answer the multiple choice questions (but only if you can actually decipher the question!). I’ll admit, some were a little tough.

Highly gifted people quiz

After answering 15 questions, these were my results. I’m pretty happy about that! I’ve never really considered myself a gifted person but this quiz says I am so it must be right, right? :p

13 / 15


Only highly gifted people can score this high. You have sharp instincts and a strong sense of observation. You’re sensitive to even the smallest changes and most likely an expert decision maker.

Now while they got most of that right, the part about being an expert decision maker? Ooph, not even close. I’m a Libra. We don’t do well with making decisions. Hell I had a tea leaf reader tell me which country to move to because I couldn’t decide.

That’s how good my decision making skills are.

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Are you highly gifted?

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Do you consider yourself a highly gifted person? Go ahead and do your best to answer all 15 questions on this unique and interesting highly gifted people quiz. Find out if you are one of them. Drop your answers down below!

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  1. I scored 15/15.

    I am gifted, but I felt that this was more of a convoluted spelling test than a giftedness test.

  2. I missed one. I spoke aloud while reading…SAID “whom” but hit “who’.

    I tend to freak people out because I write backwards.
    And upside down.
    And upside down and backwards, together

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