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are you an emotional psychopath quiz

Are You An Emotional Psychopath? Answer 15 Questions to Find Out

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Oooh this quiz caught my eye for sure. I’m pretty sure I’m not psycho by any stretch of the imagination but I often wondered if I was indeed an emotional psychopath.

Well after I answered all 15 questions the results (mine are below) shocked me. I have to admit, I had a bit of a hard time answering a few questions because they really didn’t apply to me. Because of this, I’m not so sure how accurate my results really are.

Psychopath traits

I’m not really sure if I have any psychopath traits but I think if you ask any of my ex-boyfriends they may disagree. I have my moments. Don’t we all? I’d like to think a psychopath is someone who has neurotic behaviours and thinks really irrationally.

That can be me sometimes, especially once my brain goes into overdrive and something pisses me off!

My results from the emotional psychopath quiz

So turns out I’m a Schizoid Psycho. According to this I have an emotional coldness. Interesting. I’m gonna guess they based this off the answers I had to guess at. Who knows for sure?

Schizoid Pyscho

You are a Schizoid Psychopath. You tend towards a solitary or sheltered lifestyle and have secretiveness about you. You tend not to tell people exactly how you feel, nor trust anyone in life.

Some might call you extreme but you just have an emotional coldness and your calculating mathematical brain means you are quite the thinker. You tend to create fantasy worlds in your head and you are definitely a rarity in the psycho world.

Your turn!

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Go ahead and answer all 15 questions to find out if you are an emotional psychopath too! Like me! Drop your answers down below if you feel comfortable enough doing so.

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xo iva xo

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