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What's your online identity? Find out now

What’s Your Secret Online Identity? Find Out Now

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Ok I’ll admit, this is probably the most bizarre online personality test I’ve ever taken. Some of the questions were good but as I got further into this test they got really weird. At one point I remember thinking to myself ‘what the hell does this have to do with my online identity’?

No clue.

There were more questions than the usual personality quiz I share but nonetheless it didn’t take long to complete this online personality test.

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When we post online.

I have discovered that when most people post online, they are sharing things that are totally different than what their real lives look like. Not all, but most. I usually just share happy stuff and blog so it would be hard to judge what my online identity versus my real life identity is.

I just like to keep things neutral and simple when I post online. I don’t get too personal nor do I spew any sort of hate speech or negativity. It’s all just simple, fun and sometimes educational.

Others, however, almost have split personalities. Their online identity and then real life which is sometimes very different. I ain’t judging. I don’t really care. It just is.

My results from the online identity test

I gotta say, they nailed this one.

You’re an OBSERVER

Observers are sensitive and reserved by nature. They like to sit back and see what’s happening before they offer their opinion. Often seen as the strong and silent type, Observers only believe in speaking when they have something to say.

As such, people often look to them for sound advice or help.

Observers in Palringo may be on the quieter side, but they like to join multiple Chat Groups to see what’s happening. They have varied interests, love to absorb a lot of different experiences, and will jump in and contribute when they feel the time is right.

Observers are selective in their conversations, but what they contribute is usually really valuable.

It’s all so true. I really would much rather sit back and observe than stick my nose into anything. Experience has taught me time and time again that that never ends well anyway.

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Your turn!

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Go ahead and take this online test to find out what your online personal identity is. If you feel like it, drop your results below. If you liked this quiz, why not check out the ones below. They are fan favourites!

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This quiz has been removed from Playbuzz so I added a different quiz to this post. You may like it even more! Sorry for the inconvenience :/




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