The #1 Way to Stop Your Worry and Fear.

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I’m a dreamer. A big dreamer. Lemme tell ya though, dreaming big is scary. I dream of winters in hot tropical places (goodbye Sudbury winter!!), traveling the world, burning up the highway in a hot convertible, having a drop dead gorgeous husband (hello Johnny Depp), standing on a big stage talking to thousands of people.

Yup, it’s scary to dream big and we worry too much about it but I’ve discovered the #1 way to stop your worry and fear..

Dreaming big is scary. I’m not quite sure who coined the phrase “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough” but I totally live by that saying now. You see, I don’t dream big just for the hell of it. Nope not this girl.

I dream big with full intention of seeing my dreams come to fruition. Yup. Each and every one of them. Why not? I mean, what else am I going to do with this big beautiful life of mine besides chase dreams?

The one way to stop worry

Giving it up to the Universe

Many of us have either heard of or read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Excellent book. I’ve read it a couple of times. The Magic was just as good, as was The Power. Kudos to Rhonda for these inspirational and motivational masterpieces!

They opened my eyes to dreaming and believing that I can have anything in the world that I want and know that I deserved it all. That was ground-breaking for me. I deserve it? Really? Outstanding!!

And so it began. My dreams started small and I realized that I was actually manifesting the things that I wanted. The little things. I was asking the Universe for things, putting my intention out there and they were happening for me.

Then my dreams got bigger. And bigger. And then it almost became an addiction (is that even possible?) As my dreams got bigger, my faith started to waiver a bit. That’s bold, Iva. That’s too big, Iva. What on earth are you thinking, Iva?

The one way to stop worry and fear

Big scary dreams=big worry and fear

Yes my dreams got bigger and I got scared. How the heck am I gonna pull this one off? I would tell my friends about one dream and they would just give me one of those “yes of course” looks and change the subject. No one would believe that I can do this. If they don’t think I can, then why should I think I can?

Yup I was starting to get scared. I would start to worry even a little. But then…..


I had an A-HA moment. Why can’t I do this? Why can’t I have that? The Universe and God said that I am deserving of all my heart’s desires. God said I can have anything I want as long as I stay in faith. Where’s your faith, Iva? Dream BIG for goodness sake! Your dreams are free.

Scary, yes, but free! Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I’m some sort of crazed thrill seeker always pushing the envelope and living on the edge. Not quite. But I do like to think outside the box and say “Why not?”

There’s this huge part of me that’s longing for excitement and adventures. There’s also another part of me that absolutely does NOT want to be old and full of regrets. No way.

Let go and let God << That’s the key!

‘nuff said!

I’ve learned that I can’t control everything and I don’t have to control everything. There are powers, much higher powers, in the heavens and the Universe that have everything under control for me.

Finding the strength to have faith in that took some time for me and I may not quite have 100 % total faith yet but I’m close. When I feel my faith wavering I am reminded to *let go and let God*. When I do this, I take a deep breath and relax. He’s got this!

There’s comfort in that. Great comfort.

Are your dreams scaring you? Are you dreaming big enough? Share your thoughts below.

Um, excuse me Johnny, can you pour me another glass of wine?

Peace and Love


One way to stop worry

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I’ve tripped and skipped through life looking for my purpose, my passion, what’s going to rock my world and make me happy. What a journey it has been. My careers have been exciting, and boring, but they were exactly what they were supposed to be to get me to where I am today. From Waitressing/Bartending to Loans and Mortgage Officer (yup, boring) to Income Tax Corrector (again, boring), Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer to Hairstylist, Correctional Worker to Feng Shui Practitioner. Colourful and completely fulfilling. The end result? A passionate writer and blogger that has a huge treasure chest full of really cool stuff to write about!

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  • Hi, Iva. I’m right there with you. I’m a big dreamer. I started picking images for my vision board again. I see crazy stuff in my dreams. I know my husband thinks I’m nuts and it’s a matter of time before I’m going back to trying to find a job to make ends meet. This month I asked for $600 just to cover my ends for the bills. That’s it. I already made $32 and so change for writing a blog post. I don’t know where the rest is coming I just know it’s on its way. I want to make 6 figures doing what I love which is writing. I’m with you and I’m watching The Secret again because I wanted to get myself ready. When I was really into all kinds of things started happening, but I lost my way after a relationship went south. Never again, you’re not crazy, and neither am I. What good are dreams if they don’t scare you? The nightmare is waking up to the same dull existence day after day after day.

    • Atta girl Bonnie!! I always believe that things are always working out for me, no matter what, and they do!! Like magic :) xoxo

  • I loved this article and would love to pass it on to someone I know who would probably get some help from reading it; however, I would never pass on anything that had disgusting language in it. Why would anyone who is intelligent enough to write such a wonderful article have to describe a fearful emotional response as “F—ing scary”, instead of just plain scary, or frightfully scary, or any other descriptive combination of words that would decently describe the feeling in a way that didn’t appear to come from a dirty gutter?

    • Thanx for your lovely comment Theta and I’m glad you liked the article. Did you know that intelligent people are the ones who swear the most? That’s what sets us apart from the rest ;) If I used the words you suggested then I wouldn’t be writing authentically and that’s what life is all about. Being yourself, loving who you are, not having to pretend you’re someone you’re not to make everyone else happy.

      Your opinion matters Theta, unfortunately not to me.

      Dirty gutter? smh.

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