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Nobody Can Score Perfect On This Tricky IQ Test

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So the other night I couldn’t sleep and found myself sitting at the computer at 3:30 in the morning, you guessed it, doing quizzes. What a life, right? You know I love to sniff out the good quizzes for you guys. This IQ test came across my path and I had to take it.

Anything that challenges me to try to do perfect I’m all over.

I don’t really know what my IQ is but I was ready to see if I could get perfect on this test.

There are 15 questions so it won’t take you long at all but what struck me odd were the questions. In the beginning I thought surely they were joking. It seemed like a 5 year old could answer them and why was I wasting my time on this.

Then by question 5 or 6 I started scratching my head a bit.

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IQ Test

I’m still not exactly sure how they come up with these questions or the answers. I was feeling pretty friggin smart taking this test and was sure I would ace it until I got an x on one of my answers.

The good thing about this IQ test is that they show you if you got the answer right or wrong immediately. I like that.

I came pretty close but not close enough. Clearly I should have had more coffee before taking this one. Maybe I would have scored a wee bit higher?

So, below are my results.

My results


Like most highly intelligent people, you’re creative, messy, and introverted. Your favorite color is green, and you’re definitely a dog person. Are we spot-on? Let us know in the comments, and SHARE this quiz to test your friends.

Your turn

Go ahead and take a stab at this one. Let us know in the comments below how you did. If you liked this IQ test why not head on over to my quiz page and take a few more quizzes. There are lots of great ones there!

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  1. My favorite color is not green it’s aqua blue and I’m not a dog person I’m a cat person sorry

    1. Exactly like me, my favorite color is also Not Green and I am also Not a Dog Person !

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