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The Powerful Effect of Full Moon Water and Why You Need to Make

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It’s the full moon tonight! Yippee. Oh how I adore this time of the month. Anyone else? If this isn’t the perfect time to get your act together then I don’t know what is. Not only is it a great time to write out your wishes for the month and recharge your crystals (you are doing that, right?) it’s also an amazing time to make some full moon water.

I honestly just recently learned of this and HAD to share it with you guys!! I discovered some mind-blowing things about this and wonder why I haven’t done this before!

The energies of the full moon are powerful

We already know the full moon is the best time to set out intentions for a better tomorrow and power up our crystals but the full moon energy holds so much more than that. Each and every full moon I like to take inventory of the month and see what worked, what didn’t work, where I went wrong, and where I could switch things up.

It’s also a really good time to let go of things that no longer serve us. Things like:

  • people
  • relationships
  • jobs
  • habits
  • limiting beliefs
  • etc

Depending on where you live, it’s also a great time to plant things or start new projects.

If you want to start a new health or fitness regime, this is also a perfect time to do it. The moon energies support and empower you.

But what about that full moon water girl?? Tell me tell me!!

Mind-blowing facts about full moon water

So…check this out.

Did you also know that you can make your own full moon water and drink that the day after the full moon?

Omg my mind is blown. If you take a minute to think about this (and if you never have before) we charge up our crystals, we release stuff that doesn’t serve us, we welcome in things that are for our higher good ALL under the light of the full moon but why are we not making and drinking this magical and heavenly concoction?

I still can’t believe I’ve never done or even heard of this before!

Here are just a few mind blowing facts for you about full moon water. I think once you read through them you just may be running off to the kitchen to make yours now! (we’ll talk about how to make it in a minute)

Now though there aren’t any real scientific facts that actually prove this I did my research and everything I read about it from reliable sources, stated all that and so much more.

How to make full moon water

Fill a glass pitcher with purified or spring water, seal it (so no critters get in) and set it out the night of the full moon. If you want, you can put some of your favourite crystals in it (I think I’m going to put some rose quartz crystals in mine).

Please read this blog first on toxic crystals before you use them to make water!!

The next morning, drink up! See how easy that was?! I’m super excited to have discovered this fantastic full moon ritual and will report my results to you guys next full moon. Please try it and share your results, if you notice anything different!

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Peace and Love


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2 Responses

  1. I’m new to the website and to Iva’s live feeds. I’ve now seen 3 of her live feeds and have found them to be down to earth thought provocing and very enjoyable. She says it as she sees it which I love.
    Tonight was the first time I saw her do a 3 card angel reading for the group. I’ve been a reader myself for over 20yrs and still get amazed at the ways spirit finds ways to give us a bit of guidance or direction as we need it. I’ve also pulled cards for a group of ppl and late been told how much it had clarified or spoken to various ppl within the group in different ways. Iva’s angel reading last night (I’m in Australia) was so spot on and exactly what I needed to hear for where I am at at this present time so I am so great full to her and spirit for doing these free readings and the little prayer afterwars. Being a reader myself I am normally wary of getting a reading from others but I was so impressed with the way I’ve talks and approaches her readings that I signed up to have a reading at 12.30am on Wednesday. I really can’t wait to have a personalised reading and will defiantly be leaving more feedback after my personal reading. I have no hesitation in encouraging others to get a private reading as the energy that I’ve picked up on Iva in the 3 live feeds I have seen show me that everything she does comes from the heart and she genuinely cares about people and helping them through her various talents and strengths. I am sure I won’t be disappointed in my reading and I know that anyone else that has a private reading won’t be disappointed either.
    Fiona Galbraith
    Gold Coast

    1. Hey thanx so much Fiona! I appreciate your kind and loving words xo I look forward to meeting with you!!

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