8 Signs It Really is Time To Just Let Go and Move On.

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When is it really time to get out of that relationship? Like how long do you let it go on and on for until you finally have had enough and finally move on? I’ve held onto relationships for way longer than I should have just in hopes that surely it will get better.

We all think like that, right? He or she will smarten up OR maybe it’s you that needs to smarten up. Who knows really and, quite honestly, it’s not my business but you know something has got to give. So how do we know when it’s time to get out then?


8 signs it's time to let go and move on

Move on and let go


My last relationship was a real eye opener for me. I hung on for SO long and it was absolutely ridiculous BUT I have to tell ya, to be honest, it sure taught me a lot about myself. Maybe I was supposed to hang on for so long in order for me to grow? It was definitely time to move on.

It’s anyone’s guess really but I’m kinda glad I did because the person I am today probably would never have emerged unless I had those lessons. I put up with a lot and I imagine he did too. I am not perfect by any stretch. I think we both hung on for the same reason. But I knew it was time for me to move on.


And then came the signs it was time to let go


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Because it was ok, and it was sure to get better. For me, however, all the little signs were starting to add up. The signs showing me to the door. The only difference this time is that I was actually following them. Here were my signs.


Rudeness was becoming more frequent.


I mean really rude. Like saying rude things to me that you would only say to someone you really didn’t like. You know the stuff you blurt out to some jerk who cut you off on the road while you’re driving. Ya, stuff like that. If you or your partner is doing this, stop. Just stop now. It’s mean and hurtful. Why didn’t this sign cue me to move on then?


Are you ignoring me again?


That was up there on the list. Why would you want to ignore someone you live with, claim to love and claim to be best friends with? I don’t get that. I think for me, being ignored is one of the most hurtful things you can do to me. Don’t I matter? Don’t you care?


Bullying isn’t just in the school yard anymore.


Bullying is for cowards and jerks. Period. If you or your partner is being a bully grow up and smarten up. If you have self esteem or anger issues perhaps it’s time to get help. When you get a thrill of picking on the little guy, then you got bigger problems thank you think. Move on!!


Scared to talk about some things.


You know that if you bring up a certain subject again it’s going to be a huge argument again. But it’s not just like family dinners, it’s more serious and more often. Seems these days you can’t really bring up too much without your partner losing their marbles. When you have reached a point where trying to discuss anything civilly is a disaster, it might be time.


8 signs it's time to move on

Many things are starting to become less pleasant.


Things like shopping for groceries, road trips, maybe even sex. There is either usually an argument or just simply isn’t pleasant for whatever reason. For me, shopping started becoming a nightmare. It was his way, he bought what he wanted, he never walked beside me, always ahead of me, it was horrible…which leads me to #6.


Walking ten steps ahead of you.


This falls in the rudeness category too but it really is a combination of many things I think: it’s a power trip thing, it’s super ignorant, it’s a control thing, it’s belittling and mean. I can really go on and on here but this, for me, was the meanest thing he used to do. I got so tired of feeling like that little person.


I don’t think I like you, really.


Love and like are both kinda necessary to have in a relationship. When I got to the point where I didn’t even like him anymore, I knew it was time. I loved him when he was on his best behaviour but really despised him when he was a jerk, which happened more than I would have liked near the end. I simply didn’t like him. I had to move on.


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Who were you with, what were you doing, who is that, where were you?

Omg.! When you have to start the 3rd degree, give it up. If it’s that bad that you have to ask a million questions every time they step foot in the door, leave, just go, like right now. You have no trust and I seriously doubt you ever will.

This is a great article on relationship anxiety!

The Main Cause of Relationship Paranoia (and how to fix it!)


It’s pointless really. Clearly they have caused you to mistrust them and no matter what they say or do at this point, you will probably never trust them again. Do yourselves both a favour and just end amicably before it gets worse.

8 clear signs it's time to let go and move on

Letting go of someone you love


Listen, I totally get how hard this is to do. Trust me. I’ve had to do it quite a few times in my life. These signs happened to be in my last relationship and were the catalysts for me to finally move on.

There are probably a million more signs and reasons to leave a crappy relationship but these were some of the signs for me that smacked me upside the head and said “Girl, it’s time to go”. Do you recognize any of these signs and maybe counselling isn’t an option anymore or never was or who knows really. Mine lasted two sessions in counselling and declared “let’s just settle this at home with a bottle of wine” Yup, that’s great.

If you are in a relationship that has any of these signs, you already are alone and unloved. You deserve so much more. Really. Get out.

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  • #6….he did that to you, too? I hated that! And the shopping…ugh. He would stand at the checkout counter scrutinizing everything I put in the cart. And I thought I was the only one…wow.

    • Oh Gina you are definitely not the only one! So many of us out there probably who just don’t say anything. So glad to be out of that relationship I tell ya. Thanx for dropping your comments here. I appreciate you :)

  • Eye opening and ??Thanks for sharing your experience ❤???

    • Thank you for your comment Maria and I’m glad you liked the blog. I like to share my experiences in hopes that I can maybe give someone the push they need to live a happier life. :)

  • He did some of these things and I did some of these things and the marriage finally ended. Oddly, it ended amicably. Probably because we both recognized that these signs.

  • Having lived thru this and wife left me. I have done alot of soul searching. I realized how i did not notice things i should have but my add did not acknwlege or notice. I was rrying to work on different things than she was needing.I did not know. She was my heart and my center. I love her still today evwn after the expense and hurr of divorcing me. Not to mention the hurt to family after 20 plus years never saw it coming and no matter what I say or do she will not try to work on it.

    I have been trying but i am lost. Lost my heart. My best friend and my partner for our lives ahead. So so sad….

    It all.came down to misunderstandings. Me not knowing what she needed or was looking for. Learning how to communicate with the ADD running interferance. Frustration lead to arguments which led to more distance and lack of communication.

  • He ignoed me, but our relationship only on the entrent, also when i say( i miss you ) he didnt tell anything.. after 3 days, whithout talk ! Even single word.
    He regert before about several days before.. because he was far and didn’t contact with me, becuse he was busy! i try to belive him..lastly i did.
    I think some time he dosnt love me. He act like that maybe becouse i have issue with my self esteem.
    He give me advice to leave him, but i refuse he told me like that because he thought that he is a bad person, especially with me, because i love him and he is not deserving me.
    I feel that i am stupid enough to walk on the sharp way to getting love. He is the first and the only person who iam crying when i remembered him.. whithout reasons. Wealready sepearte 3 time before.. he hurt e it was not kindly separation. And he requested to help him to control his bad behavior!

    Even all of that, i belive on him, he will be great in future, better.

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