35 Funny Inspirational Life Quotes to Help You Chill Out

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If you follow me at all, you know I write a lot of quotes articles and most of them are strong women quotes, relationship quotes, healing quotes and love yourself quotes. This time I thought I’d have some fun writing so I came up with 35 funny inspirational life quotes to remind you not to take life so seriously.

I believe that laughter truly is the best medicine.

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Laughter is good for the soul

I get that there are times when we do need to be serious about some of life’s issues and tough times but we often forget that laughter is good for the soul. If we take things too seriously all the time that will only cause us to be stressed out all the time.

That’s no way to live.

It’s ok to laugh at some of the hard and stressful things life throws us at sometimes. It doesn’t make you heartless or insensitive. It just means you are human.

The benefits of laughter

It’s true: laughter is strong medicine. It draws people together in ways that trigger healthy physical and emotional changes in the body. Laughter strengthens your immune system, boosts mood, diminishes pain, and protects you from the damaging effects of stress. Nothing works faster or more dependably to bring your mind and body back into balance than a good laugh. Humor lightens your burdens, inspires hope, connects you to others, and keeps you grounded, focused, and alert. It also helps you release anger and forgive sooner.

Source: Help Guide

Silly quotes about life help to ease the tension

You know when you’re right in the middle of a tense situation and everyone is freaking out and on guard and maybe even starting to get angry, frustrated and hurtful? Well there’s nothing quite like dropping some silly quotes about life to ease the tension and make people chill out.

I always find that if I’m feeling a bit of anxiety or stress about something and I happen to come across a funny inspirational life quote or some sassy and sarcastic quote about life it just reminds me that it’s ok, everything is gonna be ok, relax and trust that things will work out.

Anyway without further ado, let’s get to this…


35 Funny Inspirational Life Quotes

I’m going to start this fun blog off with 10 Monday sarcasm quotes because for some reason, there always seems to be so many of these floating around the internet. I mean, let’s face it, who likes Mondays?

I hope you enjoy this collection of silly quotes and sayings and I hope you share them with your peeps. Don’t forget to hit the Pin It button on the images too!

10 Monday sarcasm quotes

1 I don’t like Monday mornings, or people who like Monday mornings, or Mondays, or mornings or people

2 Monday is like that person who showed up at your party uninvited. Like you’ll accept it but really, how rude!

3 “Yay it’s Monday”…said no one….ever.

4 If Monday had a face, I’d punch it!

5 I was gonna say Happy Monday but that’s like saying “enjoy your root canal”!

6 It’s all fun and games until Monday rolls around and you have to put your bra back on

7 One day on Mercury lasts 1408 hours. Kinda like Monday on Earth

8 May your clothes be comfy, your coffee be strong and your Monday be short

9 Is it Monday again? Didn’t we just have this last week??

10 Dealing with Monday is like riding a bike. Except the bike is on fire, and you’re on fire, and everything is on fire, and you’re in Hell

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More funny inspirational life quotes to make you laugh!

Here are the remaining silly life quotes I promised you. Don’t forget to share! You can click on any of the funny inspirational quotes here and Pin them or just click the share button! xo Remember sharing is caring!

11 Whatever you do, always give 100%, unless you’re donating blood

12 To succeed in life you need 3 things, a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone

13 Legend says if you can’t sleep at night you are awake in someone else’s dreams. Whoever you are please stop doing this. I need my sleep

14 I will start working when my coffee does – Me, every morning

15 I care deeply about like 4 or 5 people in my life and around 500 dogs on the internet I’ve never met

16 Honestly, I don’t even play an active role in my life. Things just happen and I’m like “oh ok, is this what we’re doing now”?

17 If you put me on speaker phone you will regret it

18 My morning coffee makes me feel like I got my s**t together. I don’t, but it makes me feel like I do

19 When life throws lemons, get out the shot glasses!

20 Guess who got a lot of work done today? Not me but congratulations to someone out there

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21 My current body type is you can sorta tell when I work out but you can also tell I don’t say no when someone offers me cookies

22 If you love someone set them free, if you hate someone set them free. Basically just set everyone free and get a puppy. People are stupid

23 I’m not sure how many cookies it takes to be happy but so far it’s not 17.

24 Some people are like clouds. Once they disappear, it’s a beautiful day

25 A day without coffee is like……..just kidding, I have no idea

26 I never make the same mistake twice. I make it like 5 or 6 times. You know, just to be sure

27 A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands

28 I hate when the GPS tells me to head southeast after leaving the parking lot. Felicia, do I need to turn left or right??

29 The secret to happiness? Unfollow people in real life too

30 Starting tomorrow, whatever life throws at me, I’m ducking so it hits someone else.


31 Every once in a while, someone amazing comes into your life. And here I am. You’re welcome!

32 Behind every angry woman is a man who has absolutely no idea what he did wrong

33 I have to keep reminding myself that I’m an adult and will be charged as one

34 I wish people came with a 30 second trailer so I can see what I’m getting myself into

35 If at first you don’t succeed, then skydiving definitely isn’t for you

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