What is Your Soul Name? Find Out Now!

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Ooooh another amazing and beautiful quiz. Did I mention a fun one too? I like to share all kinds of quizzes with you guys. I take them and if I like them, I post them here. Some are super accurate and some are really just for entertainment purposes only.

Like this one. A fun quiz that will tell us what our soul name is. Fun fun fun!

What was my soul name?

Upon completion my name was revealed and I love it. Celestia. I think that’s a really beautiful name. You know, many people I know have changed their names for whatever reason. Often I wonder if it’s because they were called to a new name?

Curious minds want to know! I never really liked my first name and so many times I have wanted to change it. I would have liked to have changed it to “Star”. I worked with a lady whose name was Star and I was so envious of her.

But I’ll take Celestia as a soul name. It’s pretty :)

Do ever notice how some people’s names really just don’t even match their personality? So weird but it’s true.  Like you could meet a “Debbie” and think wow, that name so doesn’t suit you.

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Take the test and drop your results below

Go ahead and take this fun and beautiful quiz. If you feel like sharing, by all means please do so! Drop your name in the comments below and let us know what your soul name is so we know what all the other names in this quiz were!

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  1. Saraswati….much similar to my real name Sanskriti

    1. Mine also showing same how it can be🙃

  2. I got Celestia as well. It’s funny when playing games with my friends when I was little the name I usually chose Celeste.

  3. My soul name is Sybilline? Sounds feminine…

  4. Avalon. I live in the country and landscape is pretty much my job right now.

  5. Xanadu

    Your soul name is Xanadu. Like Kublai Khan’s summer palace, you were meant for opulence and leisure. Reconnect to your birthright by exploring your path to success. Do you need to go back to school? Do you need to double your current efforts? Or maybe you’re on the road to success already.

    I don’t know how this works but clearly the above resonates where I’m currently at. 😳👌👩‍💻👩‍❤️‍👩🙌



  6. My soul name is Saraswati. I love it. 😻💃💞


    That is funny. I am a Gemini/VIRGO DOMINANT and came on here to search my soul name for an idea on my blog name. i am planning to begin blogging about spirituality, mystics, metaphysical, healing etc. I love music, poetry and writing. wow. kinda prophetic. even my cards have been saying i need to start writing.

    1. Well….it’s there… sorry don’t know what else to tell ya :/

  8. Ohhhh hooo! I don’t know that my soul name was related or not but that traits are perfect match with me thaks.

  9. I just rook the quiz n it told me my name is Saraswati also.

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