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Why I Stopped Using a Vision Board

Last Updated on 2 years by Iva Ursano

There is always so much hype about using a vision board and how amazing they are but it just never worked for me. I finally found something way more powerful and I want to share it with you today.

I have a super neat fyi for you about these boards.  Did you know the vision board actually started way back in the caveman days? Peculiar but it’s true. They used it to visualize their hunt.And now we’re using them to visualize our goods too.

See the correlation here? I kinda do. Sort of. Anyway these darn things never worked for me. My goods never showed up.

I get that some people use the vision board faithfully to bring their dreams to life. People are all over that. Me? Not so much. Oh don’t get me wrong, I tried it. I and my girlfriend actually had a vision board party (several years ago) where we sat around and laughed and cut out pictures from magazines of how we wanted our lives to look.

At the end of the day, it did nothing for me. All I saw were pictures of stacks of money, nice cars, a picture of Johnny Depp, happy smiling people, etc. I felt nothing. I looked at my board, shrugged and walked away. I felt like I just created a collage for some project in kindergarten.

A vision board also known as a dream board can work

Now I’m not gonna dis on people who actually love, and swear by, the vision board, also known as a dream board. Kudos to you! Whatever it takes for you to bring your dreams to life, you go girl/man!!

All the power to you.

I think it’s fantastic that you guys have a powerful vision and you are working towards creating it. Not many people do that. Too many people dream things but never take action to actually materialize them.

So give yourself a big pat on the back for being one of the minority who want to work towards a better life. The vision board ideas thing has worked miracles for hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of people around the world. I’m certain it works.

It simply wasn’t doing it for me and it was time for me to just forget the vision board or the dream board.


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I found a vision board alternative

I like to think I’m a visual creature. That’s how I learn and stay focused. Not this time though. The cut-out, glued up pictures did diddly squat for this girl. My dream board turned into a nightmare board. So much for that.

I need to write my stuff out and read it daily, a million times a day if I have to. My space had become post it note central. They were everywhere. Coffee maker, kitchen cupboards, utensil drawer, bathroom mirror (ya those ones looked a little rough after awhile), dashboard of the car, closet, you name it, I had a post it note.

Then one day a friend of mine says “Hey Iva, I got something I want you to try”. Finally a vision board alternative.

In walks the Mind Map. Hell-o!! Where have you been all my life? Oh how I loved everything about this. One bristle board, colour of your choice, and magic markers! Woot!

Let’s write and write and write!!! I was in my glory. Finally someone got me. What took them so long (or should I say, what took me so long)?

My bristle board choice of colour? Stark white!! I wanted to see every single little thing I wrote out in black and white. Big bold letters. Big check marks. Big stars beside them. Now this is my idea of a dream board!!


Slow but sure and steady, things starting happening. I wrote out that I wanted this___ at this time____ and this is what I had to do to get it___ , and I did. Things were finally working out for me.

I wrote it out, I read it every day, I figured out ways on how I was goingto achieve it and it happened. Just like magic. My life started taking a turn for the better. Finally.

I would cross off goals as I achieved them. Sometimes I would have to extend deadline dates but that’s ok too. I never lost sight of what I wanted. It was there in front of me in black and white. Kinda hard to ignore that.

You can check out this blog for more details on how to use a mindmap

Dream board or mind map

Now I’m no expert on manifestation or visualizations or anything like that but I can say that, hands down, the mind map did for me what the vision board couldn’t. But that’s just me.

If you have been frustrated with your vision board lately or looking for something else that slightly resembles it but produces different results, then maybe it’s time to give the mind map a whirl. Trust me on this one. Got questions? I got the answers! I say, forget the vision board and try this instead.

Sorry, post it notes, but you do make a great grocery list!

Peace and Love


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  1. Just came across mind maps this year and I must say once you go mind mapping , there is no turning back! Cant wait to get the hang of it ;)

    1. I love mind mapping!!! It’s SO powerful and effective :) Good luck!!

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