Only 1 in Every 2000 People Can Pass This Test.

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Pass or fail test. The title of this quiz caught my attention. Challenge accepted. I love those that say only __% or __ many people can pass this. I have to take the challenge. The funny thing is, how accurate are they really though? I actually enjoyed this test. I often have a difficult time with some of these quizzes and the questions can sometimes boggle my mind. Do people really know these things and who comes up with them anyway?

Though I generally like to find the soul quizzes and the Chakra ones, I even really like the spiritual ones (though I’m not real fussy for the “when will you find your true love” ones, every now and then I like to throw in these brainiac ones.

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Pass or Fail

Personally, I don’t care how accurate they are if my score says I’m that one!! Then I’m super happy and all proud of myself and feel like I have an IQ of a genius or something (really I don’t though). I struggle with many topics. I think we all have our smarts when it comes to certain things. I know nothing of politics or history or even geography for that matter but know a ton about Feng Shui and Gemstones and other cool stuff like that.

Whether or not you did pass or fail this test, fear not. Know that just because you didn’t make that 1 in every 2000 you probably know lots of stuff about things I, or anyone else, know.

Did you pass? Let me know! If you liked this quiz, you may also like this one too!

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