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How Good of a Mind Reader Are You? Take This Bizarre Quiz to Find Out.

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Fun quiz time!! Woot! You guys know by now I love quizzes but this one was the most peculiar I have ever done. Honest to God. The answers reveal themselves immediately and I purely guessed most of them. This fun and mostly ridiculous messed up quiz is going to tell me if I’m a good mind reader or not.

Usually if I find a quiz is just plain dumb I’ll stop halfway and go on to the next one but this one held my attention long enough to finish it and share it with you.

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Am I a mind reader?

I’d like to think that I’m pretty intuitive. I can read people pretty easily but to actually read their minds? Well it’s kinda the same but different. Like, I can tell if you’re angry or happy or sad or indifferent and things like that. But to read your mind? I never thought I was really good at that.

Am I a good mind reader? Not bad I imagine. I got 7 right.

Your turn!!

So it’s your turn now. It’s a fast quiz and very interesting, I think anyway. See how good of a mind reader you are AND see what your brain really looks like while you’re singing, exercising, having sex, on meth (?, huh??) among other things. Oh ya, you’re gonna love this one.

Drop your answers down below to let others know how good of a mind reader you are. Share it with your friends to see how well they scored too!

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