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take this online personality test to find out how rare yours is

How Rare is Your Personality? Find Out Now

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This was a super fun online personality test. I really enjoyed the questions! You know I always try to hunt down the best quizzes for you and this one didn’t fail to deliver in questions, ease of answering and time to take to do it.

This one will reveal how rare your personality is.

Online personality test results

So after answering the questions I was kind of surprised by my results. Apparently I’m in the 0.1% of the population.

How rare is your personality? Only 0.1% of the most intelligent and talented people on earth can be identified as winners!

You know some of them: Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo Da Vinci, Walt Disney, Bill Gates and J.K.Rowling.

Your most defining traits: Multiple talents, exceptionally high IQ, original way of thinking and natural leadership skills. 

You have a powerful presence and you tend to be a natural leader. You have a strong intellect, incredible self discipline and at times a bit of a critical outlook on the world. You always stick to your guns, and when you know you’re right…. well, you’re right, and there’s just no stopping you! You are part of an elite group of people, and that’s pretty amazing.

I generally think all of us are rare in our own unique way, really, but these quizzes always manage to entertain the begeezus out of me. But how rare are you according to this?

How rare is your personality?

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Go ahead and take this beautiful test yourself to find out how rare your personality is. Drop the results in the comments below if you feel comfortable enough to do that. If you liked this quiz you might also like this one. This one was another good one!!

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11 Responses

  1. Certainly I am rare …. this just proves it !! I am an INFJ ! Yayay !! Now I better do something with my strengths and make my life more meaningful !!

  2. I honestly felt it to be absolutely accurate…

  3. 2 percent of population.
    Im charismatic superstar.😁

  4. 1% of population .. I’m not rare neither so important

  5. 0.1 percent! I have no idea how I managed to get that personality. Maybe I should test my family.

  6. How can I be 1 percent if someone else got the same result too?

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