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What is Your Guardian Angel Trying To Tell You?

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Quiz time. I really enjoyed this one. The questions were interesting and I loved reading the result. Did you know we all have Guardian Angels watching over us? Yup we do. Did you also know that your Guardian Angel wants to talk to you? Yup they do!

I took an Angel Card reading certification course a few years back and learned so much stuff about Angels.

We forget that in order for our Angels to actually help us or guide us, we have to verbalize what we need from them. They don’t and won’t know otherwise. Go ahead and talk to your guardian Angel and watch what happens.

I know personally that when I’m really stuck or sad, I call on my Angels in prayer (or sometimes plain old frustration) and ask them to please just comfort me.

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What is my guardian Angel trying to tell me?

After taking this fun and beautiful Guardian Angel quiz I wasn’t surprised by the results. I already know what is inside of me and the things I need to do. Sometimes I just need someone or something to remind me of that. Here are my results:

Your guardian angel watches over you and sees your free spirit, wanderlust, and enthusiasm for life. You have important dreams that are at risk of being forgotten and your guardian angel wants to prevent you from getting stuck.

Like a river that flows over the land, when one path becomes blocked you must change course or you will become stale. You will benefit from breaking your patterns and pushing your limits.

What does your guardian Angel want you to know?

Before you take this quiz check this out! Click the link here or the image below to grab your FREE and SUPER accurate horoscope from Sara Freder, world-renowned psychic and clairvoyant. I got mine and it’s friggin awesome!

Take this beautiful quiz and find out now. Feel free to drop your results in the comments below. If you love quizzes head on over to my quiz page and take a few more!!

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    The lovely soul your guardian angel watches over belongs to a deeply empathetic, considerate, and gentle person. Your guardian angel would want to tell you to release the past, let more people in, and tell the people you care about just how much you care about them. Because of your sensitivity, you can come across as withdrawn and then you get misunderstood as uncaring. When your guardian angel sees you as your true self, they see how trustworthy your intuition has always been. Your guardian angel wants you to open up and follow your inner compass.


  2. i took a quiz on who is my guardian spirit i got Bella a beautiful girl who was kidnapped then Burried in a forest which Later turned into houses and it says her grave is under the house i live in

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    What your guardian angel sees is your true self: an independent, sophisticated, and strong soul. Their message for you is to make yourself vulnerable to those who try to see past your serious exterior. You have always been adept at keeping people at bay through mystery and distance. Your guardian angel wants to guide you toward someone who seems very different from you. It may or may not be a romantic relationship, but there will be important growth through feeling empathy for a personality you might have assumed to be shallow or less authentic than you.

  4. I am sorry but this is full of crap.tell me something I do not already just said focus on the here and now.if that was enough I would not be contemplating suicide everyday wondering why I longer feel happiness in life and want an end to my lonely existence.

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