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Who is Your Guardian Angel? Find Out Now

Last Updated on 1 year by Iva Ursano

Fun quiz time and though this quiz isn’t for everybody, it definitely is for those of you who believe in Angels. I totally do and have faith in the Angels who are around me all the time. You know you have at least 2 hanging around you daily? You know that right? But do you ever wonder who your Guardian Angel is?

It took me a while to believe in Angels. I didn’t always. At some point, I thought it was fairy tale hocus pocus type stuff. True story. How could there possibly be Angels around us? I didn’t get it.

Until one day about 5 or so years ago I met a lady who was totally into Angels and I had her explain it all to me.

Now I’m a certified Angel Card reader and it’s something I absolutely love to do. You can book your own private reading here! 

Check out some of the testimonials to see what others are saying about my Angel Card readings.

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My results – my guardian Angel?

My mind was blown wide open. Oh I needed to know more about this Angel stuff. The more I learned, the more I was in awe and then I finally totally 100% believed. It was a true blessing to have this lady come into my life. (remember everyone we meet teaches us something)

After spending more time learning about Angels I finally took the big leap to become an Angel Card Reader. 

Anyway, this quiz informed me that Gabriel is my Angel, and that suits me just fine! The most beautiful thing about that is Gabriel is the messenger Angel. For writers, creatives, teachers, healers. So appropriate for me!!!

Who is your guardian Angel?

Who is yours? Drop the name of your Angel in the comments down below.

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  1. I got Lucifer.
    Just like I thought I would to funny.

    1. I got Gabriel, but my real guardian angel is Tamaes.

  2. I told my brother that I got Lucifer. He told me to retake the quiz to i did. I got Lucifer AGAIN. I don’t know if I do be sad or proud…

  3. I got Castiel
    As a spn fan I was pleasantly surprised by this result :))))

  4. I got Gabriel all the while I thought it was Michael. Anyways i like them both 😍🥰

  5. I got Michael. I have always seeing angels dress in Roman warrior garb. Having 6 of them around my car. Sometimes i see them at my door and windows. I have seen so many angels even saw an angel feather fall on me while worshiping at church. Saw angels worshiping with us at church. Saw angels with golden horns lining up in formation. Saw angels ascending and descending on a step from the clouds.

  6. I got Gabriel! I love her I naver know about that her she is like twin sister to me 😊

  7. i got michael… should i be hapy or sad? i mean it does sound like me but i dont know anything about this really im only 11

    1. Michael is the ever almighty and powerful Angel of all the Angels. Call on him always and anytime you need courage and strength!

  8. Lucifer

    You got Lucifer! Now don’t take this as an insult. You have a rebel personality and you are independent. You prefer to fight with your fists. You always stick to your beliefs. You are not that close with your family.

    I just copied and pasted this. IM SCARED! HELP ME! IM GOING CRAZY! or am i?😑 what GOING on?

  9. I took a test before this and I got raphael, but i dont know how to take the test on this one and I feel like this test only has 3 angels *2angles one devil*.

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