4 Strong Character Traits That Are Intimidating to People.

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Do you ever wonder why some people gravitate towards you and others seem to repel? You’re left scratching your head wondering what the heck you did wrong. Could I possibly be intimidating people? Yup. You sure can be. But what did you do? What did you miss? There are many people who have very strong character traits. These traits could put a lot of people off.

I mean we all have unique and different personality traits that make up who we are, right? But sometimes ours are just too strong for others!

Often you’re left wondering, well what did I do? What did I say? Why don’t they like me? What happened? Yup. We’re left scratching our head and asking ourselves a lot of questions.

4 Character traits that are intimidating to people


What the heck did I say wrong?

Well, in all honesty, and in my opinion, I think what you said is only about 50% of the problem. The remaining issues lie in these 4 things. If you are doing any of them, well, cut it out, er or wait…Keep it up!

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4 character traits that are intimidating to others

#1. Standing Tall

You walk around with your head held high but not like some ‘stuck up chick held high more’ like a super self confidence high. Your shoulders are back, your walk is one of complete pride and self confidence. People will judge you and snub their nose at you but they do this in fear. Some people are really afraid and intimidated by super self confident people. You also have no problem standing up for what you believe in. You won’t back down and agree with everyone just to be part of the crowd. Nope, you’re no follower.

#2. Talk with assuredness

Aka, confidence (I know, there’s that word again). You look directly in their eyes while speak to them and you know exactly what you’re talking about. You have a unique assertiveness in your tone and your demeanor. You can hold up your end of a good conversation. An outsider looking in will be afraid of you. They may even think you are too smart for them. Yup. This is one of the character traits that really puts people off.

This is also one of the characteristics of a leader and people don’t want you to be a leader. They want you to be a sheep just like them and follow.

#3. You are yourself

You dress the way you want, wear your hair the way you want, do things how you want and pretty much are just a free spirited free bird. Funny thing is, that actually scares people. I know I don’t get it either. When we live outside of the box or the “norm” people will stare and point fingers and maybe even gasp. Let ’em. Many of us are afraid of what we don’t understand and we are also slightly afraid, or should I say borderline jealous, of people who don’t conform. Oh how we’d all like to be like them.

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#4. You are successful

Not everyone is going to admire you for that. Not everyone is going to think you’re awesome because of that. There are going to be the few select that will snub you because they feel inferior or jealous (ha! there’s that word again) and quite honestly, will be afraid of you.

Successful people, still to this day, kinda freak me out. Even I feel a little intimidated by the super successful person. I still think they must be smarter than me and *how can I carry on a conversation with them and what on earth would I talk about with this person and oh dear I better just stay away*. Yup. I still think like that at times.

Now of course, if you know me, you will know that I am going to tell you to NOT stop doing any of these things just because you are scaring people away. By all means, keep being the confident, assertive amazing person that you are. Keep being you. You did whatever it took to get you to where you are now. Kudos!

These strong character traits, in my eyes, are not so easy to come by. Many of us had to fight to be these people today. None of it came without battles and challenges.

And then of course, you will find your tribe. You will. The right people, your tribe people, will love you and appreciate you for you. They won’t be scared of you at all. You’ll just be one of them. A tribe peep. Stay close to them.

Those are the ones who count.

“Wait, don’t run away, I’m a fun person, honest I am.”

Peace and Love


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4 character traits that scare people away



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  • When I went “all in” being this way fully, with everyone all the time it changed my life. It cost me many people, including most of my family, but I grew tired of hearing from them how weird I was, how crazy, different, wrong. Blah blah yank. I’d always been unapologetic about my true self to the world, but never with my family. I lost my dad and decided screw it. I’ll never fit in with them. They’ll always judge me. I live a very odd life, but it suits me. I learned I’m not hard to love… I’m hard to shove into a mold. Fuck it. My days of explaining, longing, apologizing are over. I’m hard enough on myself, I don’t need anyone helping me out. So, now they can judge what they don’t know (me) from a distance and I’m sad for them…. Cause I’m flawed but my capacity to love kicks major ass.

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