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Being An Empath During Mercury Retrograde Can Be Tough

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I understand how challenging it can be as an empath, especially when Mercury Retrograde amplifies the intensity of emotions. The current energy is palpably overwhelming, leading to heightened feelings of irritation and agitation among people. It’s undoubtedly a tough period to navigate.

Poor Mercury often receives a bad reputation for valid reasons during this time. The various disruptions such as communication breakdowns, canceled flights, and the prevailing chaos can make individuals appear less considerate. Despite the difficulties, it’s crucial to recognize that Mercury’s disruptions often carry important signals that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Unfortunately, we sometimes miss these vital signs, preparing ourselves for an upcoming three-week phase of emotional turbulence and hoping it won’t be as challenging as previous experiences.

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What Does Being An Empath Mean?

Being an empath means you’re super sensitive to the vibes coming from people, places, and stuff around you. If you’re one of those extra-sensitive empaths, taking time to clear your own energy and looking after yourself becomes really important.

If you’ve ever felt extra sensitive and wondered why, you’re not alone. I discovered this fantastic YouTube video that does a great job of explaining it, let’s take a look:

An empath just wants to hide out

Given our heightened empathy, this chaotic period poses quite a challenge for us and our sensitivity. It’s not just our own energy that’s in overdrive; we’re absorbing everyone else’s vibes, and honestly, it’s quite overwhelming. We resonate with all of you, feeling the collective impact even more during this retrograde phase.

Isn’t it curious how negative or toxic individuals tend to seek us out more, almost as if we’re a sounding board? It’s like we’re these magnets for negative energy, doesn’t it seem that way? Do they unload on us because they believe we can help, provide solace, or bring calm to their storm? Do they truly hear us out? So many questions flood our minds.

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As an empath right now, there’s a lot of personal energy clearing to handle, especially our own. Everyone seems incredibly agitated and tense. Considering this, isn’t it understandable that we might prefer staying in and seeking refuge?

I have often found myself stopping a toxic conversation before it got out of hand. Like when a group wants to start gossiping. I’ll have none of that. I try to stop it and if I can’t, I’ll just walk away. More people need to do this. Gossiping is for the weak.

Protect yourself from negative energy

I’ve developed a habit of shielding myself to maintain a sense of safety. Before stepping into a potentially negative space, I often call upon the protection of Archangel Michael to safeguard my energy, which is crucial for me as someone highly attuned to different energies. This practice effectively prevents me from absorbing an overwhelming amount of toxic energy.

In my interactions with individuals expressing strong emotions like anger, hurt, and pain, I’ve learned to approach them with more love and compassion. This way, I can engage without allowing their negative energy to affect or overwhelm me.

Protecting yourself as an empath from negative energiesPin

During this incredible Mercury retrograde season, it’s crucial for empaths to be cautious. If you’re not ready for the intense, unpredictable, and highly charged energies, you might end up feeling unwell. It’s as straightforward as that. You catch my drift, right?

For empaths who are aware of their sensitivity, it’s essential to understand how to clear negative energy. This article could be beneficial in guiding you through that process.

Pay attention to the signs from Mercury Retrograde

Let’s focus on understanding the signs that Mercury is sending during this period.

The signs often overlooked by many? It’s about slowing down, being patient, and embracing moments of calm. It’s a time to appreciate the simple joys, surrounding yourself with things and people that radiate positivity. Before acting or speaking, take a moment to take deep breaths.

This phase encourages introspection. It’s an opportunity to step back and assess your life, identifying areas that aren’t working and recognizing the need for patience—almost in every aspect. It’s also a chance to be more aware of what affects you unnecessarily, discerning what you should let go of and what is worth keeping in your life.

Pay attention to the signs from Mercury RetrogradePin

Being An Empath Can Be Challenging

It’s an ideal moment for everyone to assess their lives, emphasizing what works well and focusing on that, while eliminating what doesn’t serve them. Prioritizing self-love is crucial, even for someone who is empathic.

Mercury Retrograde is notorious for causing disruptions, and it’s justified. Things tend to go awry, but how you manage these challenges is what truly matters during this demanding retrograde period.

If you want or need some Angel guidance assistance to get you through any challenges, you can book a private soul session with me here.

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  1. This video needs fixed. Right from the get go it turned me off. You act all professional, bur can’t even be professional with your slides…THE VERY FIRST ONE. It is not NOW, it is KNOW.

    1. Hi Cheryl. Sorry you didn’t like the video. Independent of the typo (which also makes my eyes bleed) I really liked the way he discusses being an empath (by the way it’s not me in the video I found it on YouTube and hoped my readers would enjoy it). Thanx for your comment. Hope you at least enjoyed my article xoxo

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