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Being An Empath During Mercury Retrograde Can Be Tough

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I mean, being an empath in general can be tough all on its own but add Mercury Retrograde into the mix and oy. The energies are off the charts and people are slightly irritated and agitated right now. Ok maybe more than slightly. They are downright frantic.

You know, poor Merc sure has a bad rap. With relatively good reason. Communication breakdowns, flights cancelled, crazy weather, things break, people turn into jerks. I mean, ya, it’s not all good. But what people forget is that Merc really is just sending you signs.

Many of us miss the signs. Instead we brace ourselves for a 3 week tornado of emotions and pray for that it won’t hurt so bad this time.

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So what does it mean to be an empath?

It means we are super sensitive and can pick up energies from people, places and things. Some empaths are highly sensitive and if you are one of those, clearing your personal energy and taking time for yourself is so important.

Some of us just think we are highly sensitive and don’t understand why. This video I found on YouTube explains things pretty clearly. Check it out.

An empath just wants to hide out

So because empaths are, well, very empathetic, this is a bit of chaotic time for us and our sensitivity. Not only are we feeling our own energy supercharged, we’re taking in everyone else’s too. And it’s not pretty. We feel you. All of you. And during the retrograde, we feel you even more.

Is it just me or does it seem like negative and toxic people gravitate towards us even more because we’re like a sounding board? Are we just toxic energy magnets? Do people come and dump on us because they think we can help them, soothe them, calm them down? Do they even listen to us? Oh so many questions.

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Being an empath at this time means that we have a ton of energy clearing to do, on ourselves, like our own. Everyone is so angry and uptight right now. We feel that Is it any wonder we’d rather just stay in and hide? Thanx Merc.

I have often found myself stopping a toxic conversation before it got out of hand. Like when a group wants to start gossiping. I’ll have none of that. I try to stop it and if I can’t, I’ll just walk away. More people need to do this. Gossiping is for the weak.

Protecting yourself as an empath from negative energies

I’m a bit of shield type person. If I know I am heading into toxic territory, I immediately call upon Archangel Michael to shield my energies and keep me safe. Help me from absorbing too much toxic energy. It works. I am super sensitive to energies so protecting my own energy is really important to me.

If I happen to meet up with someone in my travels who is just spewing anger and hurt and pain and all that, I can be more loving and compassionate with them, without letting their energies weigh me down.

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An empath needs to be careful during this wonderful Merc retro season. If you don’t prepare yourself for the high flying, erratic and supercharged energies, you’re gonna get sick. Plain and simple. You know what I mean.

I hope if you are an empath, and know you are one, that you also know how to clear negative energy. This article might help you with that.

Simple Steps To Clear Negative Energy in Your Space

Pay attention to the signs from Mercury Retrograde

So let’s get back to the signs that Merc is sending.

The signs that so many miss? Calm down. Slow down, Be patient. Take time out to smell the roses. Spend more time with things that feel like sunshine. Spend more time with people who feel like sunshine. Take deep breaths before you act or speak.

This is a time for introspection. This is a time to take a step back and see what’s going on in your life, what’s not working, where you need to be more patient (like almost everywhere really) and maybe be more mindful of the things that get to you that shouldn’t. Like what needs to go and what can stay.

Pay attention to the signs from Mercury RetrogradePin

Even an empath needs a life overhaul

This is a great time for all to look into their lives, check what works, do more of that, get rid of what doesn’t work, stay away from that and have more self love. Even an empathic person has to do that.

Merc Retro has a bad rap for a good reason. Stuff does go wrong but remember, how you handle things makes all the difference in the world when going through this tough retrograde season.

If you want or need some Angel guidance assistance to get you through any challenges, you can book a private soul session with me here.

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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  1. This video needs fixed. Right from the get go it turned me off. You act all professional, bur can’t even be professional with your slides…THE VERY FIRST ONE. It is not NOW, it is KNOW.

    1. Hi Cheryl. Sorry you didn’t like the video. Independent of the typo (which also makes my eyes bleed) I really liked the way he discusses being an empath (by the way it’s not me in the video I found it on YouTube and hoped my readers would enjoy it). Thanx for your comment. Hope you at least enjoyed my article xoxo

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