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How To Easily Create the Life You Desire and Deserve

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You know I love the whole law of attraction stuff. When our beautiful Rhonda came out with series of books I think I bought them all (sadly I left them all behind in Canada). Her book The Power was probably my favourite. Anyway, I’m all about manifesting money and all other good stuff in my life. Who isn’t?

I mean, we all want money and love and joy and happiness, amirite?

(this post contains an affiliate link so if you make a purchase I make a small commission)

So why is it so hard anyway? I mean why do we constantly struggle with manifesting money and other good things in our lives when we do our best to follow the LoA? What’s the hold up Universe? The answer lies deeper than following the LoA. The answer really truly lies within us.

So I did some digging of my own the other day and found something super fantastic and amazing (more on that below). I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been hitting a brick wall lately with my flow of abundance and my limiting beliefs have been rearing their ugly head again. It’s frustrating to say the least.

I like to purchase self help guides and such and read books just like the next person. I’m constantly learning, as you should be too, and applying things I’ve learned as I go along!

how to manifest money and miracles into your life

The manifesting money secret

Most of us already know that manifesting anything takes place in our minds. The problem we struggle with however is keeping that mindset and training that mind to stay focused on manifesting money and other good things. We’re good for a day or two, or maybe even an hour or a week and then we’re right back to “oh I’m so broke” and “I’m so tired of struggling and trying to get out of debt”.

The trick is to practice and apply the rules of manifestation constantly, not just when we’re in the mood or we remember to. It’s consistency that will win here, every single time. In all areas of your life though. Not just manifesting.

If you want to lose weight or eat healthier or whatever, you have to stay consistent in your goals and thought patterns.

But the problem with that is….

Change is hard, consistency is even harder and it all makes us very uncomfortable. We want good things in our life. We want more money and love and happiness and joy but in order to get any of that we have to step out of our comfort zone and do things we have never done before.

We don’t all like to do that though. Comfort zones are safe. Sometimes even mediocrity is comfortable. When we have to actually work at something, resistance kicks in. Yuck. It holds us back and reassures us we are perfectly ok where we are and stop trying to change things.

But you want change!! You want a better life and more abundance in ALL areas of your life, don’t you? You’re tired of being miserable and broke aren’t you? I knew I sure I was. I’ve been struggling all year and I’ve just about had it.

Time to kick things into high gear.

Yes change scares me too but the thing that scares me even more is staying in the same place and just complaining about how things are going wrong in my life. I’ve been there before too and it sucks. I don’t want to be there anymore so I finally took matters into my own hands.

And I did something about it.

Have you checked out my self help guide yet? It’s POWER-full and LIFE changing. Click the link below and grab your copy today!

From Hell to Happiness

From Hell to Happiness-a self help guide


You’re not meant to suffer

I think this is a big problem many of us have. We have suffered so long we think this is just our place in life. It’s not. Trust me. God doesn’t want any of us to suffer. He wants us all to enjoy the beauty and riches that life has to offer. We think that manifesting money or wanting to manifest any other things makes us greedy. It doesn’t so stop thinking like that.

You’re not greedy. You are all deserving of all the goodness in life. Each and every one of us.

It’s ok for us to want to learn how to manifest good things in our life. It’s SO ok. We’re already wasting so much time manifesting crappy things why not change that to positive thinking and attract good things? Part of our self improvement journey should include good manifesting skills and a healthy mindset.

Manifesting Miracles

So earlier I mentioned I came across a great program (did I?) and though I hesitated a wee bit I finally took the plunge and downloaded it. Just wow. It’s not full of fluff. It’s not written in Chinese (meaning it’s easy to understand and follow). There are really powerful audios to listen to (one is over 2 hours-[The Money Mindflood System rocks!] long but I leave it play in the background and just listen to him) and some great workbooks.

In this long audio he talks a lot about business but pay attention!! I picked up tons of good tips, mindset tips, just from listening to that. Don’t think it doesn’t apply to you. It does!

This package is the real deal and I wasn’t disappointed at all (as I have been so many times before!!). Let’s be honest here? How many times have you bought something, some book or course and it sucked? Be honest. I’ve spent quite a bit of money already on things that just didn’t work or I really didn’t like the teaching method.

This program rocks. Honestly! His audios make me stop and think a lot and he also explains things in ways that I’ve never heard before. I had many a-ha moments listening to these audios and going through the workbooks.

I could go on and on forever talking about this program but I think you should just check it out yourself. Manifesting money and other good things in your life shouldn’t be so hard! It’s not hard either and remember, we are ALL deserving of an abundant and happy life.

Manifesting Miracles! 

Click on the link above to find out more about this mind blowing program. I’m absolutely loving it!!! And always remember, I only share things with you that I find great value in and that I believe will help you (and me too!!). This program has been tried and tested by me and I’m giving it a 100% seal of approval :).

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

How to easily manifest miracles


(this post contains an affiliate link so if you make a purchase I make a small commission)

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