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25 Sweet Quotes For Mom That Will Warm Her Heart

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Let’s face it. Being a mom is a super tough job. Fun, but hard. We have little minds to teach, little hearts to love and little bodies to nurture. We barely have time to take care of ourselves. It’s exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. I wrote up this fun post filled with sweet quotes for mom to honour all you gals out there.

All you gals doing your best yet feeling like you’re failing. Trust me, you’re not. You’re amazing, you’re loved and cherished. And I know Sunday, May 10th is Mother’s Day but why do we have to wait until then to honour ourselves?

These sweet quotes for mom remind you how awesome you are!!!

When I talked to my kid about mother’s day he says the same thing all the time. ” I love you every day and not sure why I have to abide by one day to make you feel special. You are super special to me every day”.

Ya, I got a great kid.

But he makes such a valid point. As moms, we sometimes do need reassurance and we like to feel special but why does it only have to be on Mother’s Day? Why can’t it be just whenever?

That’s why I wrote up this post of mom quotes as a gentle reminder that you are amazing and special all the damn time.

I raised Julian alone and we had little to no money so I never got ‘presents’ for Mother’s Day. His life was my gift.

Life as a single mom

I’m not gonna say being a single mom is harder than being a mom with a co-parent, but I’ll tell ya, it certainly comes with different struggles. Ask any single mom what her struggles are and you may not have time to hear them all.

But honestly, parenting has got to be one of the toughest jobs on the planet. We are raising, and responsible for, these little creatures of the future. If you’re like me, chances are, you often feel like you aren’t doing a good enough job.

We are just too hard on ourselves. We beat ourselves up all the time and constantly feel like we could be doing a better job. I know I felt like that all too often while raising Julian and to this day (he’s 32 now) he insists I was the best mom ever.

But life as a single mom, sometimes we feel the need to play both roles, mom, and dad, but you don’t. Stop doing that if you think that’s what your child needs.

Your child simply wants love, guidance, structure, and treats!!

I wanted to find a really good video for you on YouTube about kids and moms and I think this one blows them all out of the water. From Smile Squad Skits, check this one out. Grab your tissues and enjoy. This video made me cry and miss my kid even more.

The best thing about being a mom is…

I have to be honest, I’m really glad I only have one child. That’s all I ever wanted. I wasn’t sure if being a mom was even for me. Most women have no clue how to be moms. Did we have good role models? Many of us didn’t unfortunately.

As hard as the job is, the rewards are so amazing!! If you’re blessed like I am, your kid even becomes your best friend in time. I never imagined in a million years how close my son and I would become. We all hope to have that relationship with our children.

So what’s the best thing about being a mom? EVERYTHING!! There is not just one thing. Life itself becomes fun and amazing.

Feeling like a failure as a mom

Independent of the fact that being a mom is rewarding, self-doubt creeps in all too often. Moms are really hard on themselves. Too many of us think we are doing a bad job. Feeling like a failure as a mom is a very common thing actually.

Hence this post. I figured it was time to write up a blog all about mom quotes, best mom quotes, and all other kinds of quotes on motherhood just to remind all you moms out there of one thing…YOU ROCK!!

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Now let’s get to the really good stuff. The real reason we’re here. To get our fill of the best mom quotes out there to help us believe in our abilities as moms.

I’m gonna separate them into 5 categories: short mom quotes (and not short like you’re a short mom!), best mom quotes, funny mom quotes, I love you mom quotes and being a mom quotes.

Enjoy all of them and don’t forget to share them out!

25 Sweet Mom Quotes That Will Warm Your Heart and Give You Hope

First up, we have the short mom quotes, short as in, short and sweet, the quotes, not the mom…hehe!

5 Short Mom Quotes

You can be a mess and still be a good mom. We’re allowed to be both!

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It doesn’t matter how old your children are, they will always need you.
To the world, you are a mother, but to your family, you are the world.
You never realize how weird you truly are until you have a kid who acts just like you!
I won’t settle for just anything. My kids are always watching.

Next up, best mom quotes!

5 Best Mom Quotes

In the end, I am the only one who can give my children a happy mother who loves life. (and that’s a tough job but you are the only to do that!)

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Mommy, we think you are the best mom in the whole wide world and thank you for spending your time with us and having fun!
The best moms don’t have a perfect life or a perfect family. They make the most of what they have and appreciate all the little things.
Even on the days you feel like you are failing, I promise you, your kids think you are the best mom in the universe.
There is no way to be a perfect mother but there are a million ways to be a good one!

Next up, the “being a mom” quotes.

5 Quotes on Being a Mom

Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed.

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Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual. You’re doing the best you can with what you know. Don’t forget that.
I am proud of many things I’ve done in my life, but nothing beats being a mother.
Being a mom is the hardest job in the world and you’re doing it without an instruction manual or formal training. You are amazing!!
A single mom tries when things are hard. She never gives up. She knows a mother’s love has the strength to make it through tough times.

5 Funny Mom Quotes

My kid is turning out to be exactly like me. Well played Karma, well played.


I’ve never wrestled a rabid raccoon on speed but I have tried removing a splinter from the foot of a hysterical four-year-old.

Silence is golden. Unless you have children. Then silence is suspicious.

May your coffee be stronger than your toddler’s temper tantrum

“But mom, what if I get kidnapped”? Trust me, they’ll bring you back.

And finally the best ones imo, the I love you mom quotes

5 I love you mom quotes

I love you every day and not sure why I have to abide by one day to make you feel special. You are super special to me every day.


I love you mom. When you smile, I smile, when you cry, I cry. My heart is your heart.

My mom is more precious to me than all the riches and treasures in the world and I love her more than life itself.

No matter how much I say I love you mom, know that I love you even more than that.

You have my whole heart for my whole life.

And that wraps up the 25 sweet quotes for mom.

Tell mom you love her every day

As my son said, you don’t need one special day a year to appreciate and love your mom. You should tell her you love her every day and make her feel special all the time. Being a mom is a hard job!

I hope you liked all these sweet quotes for mom and that they made you feel special and loved and maybe even put a smile on your face.

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  1. Thank you, you touched my heart in a way it really needed it with the “even when you think your failing…” some days you feel like you have screwed them up beyond repair – it’s important to remember they love you, even when you dont love you!

    1. They most certainly do love us. Thank God for that!! Thank you for reading and sharing your feelings xo

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