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5 Reasons Why I Am Grateful To All the Abusive People In My Life

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Right now I know you want to know what I’m smoking. You think I’ve lost my senses. Why should I be grateful to all the abusive people in my life? Well here are 5 things you need to thank your abusers for. You’ll thank me at the end too!

Moving on…..

Let’s talk about the abuse first, shall we?

I dunno, do we have to? Do you really need to know how I was physically abused by my parents, or how my husband thought it would be good idea to rape me after I threw his sorry butt out of our house?

I mean, do you really need to know how many more boyfriends abused me physically, emotionally and verbally? The fact that one of my best friends stole $1000 from me while I was on my way to my new life in Guatemala, is that necessary to talk about?

Do we need to talk about it? Of course we do. Just not in full gory details. I mean, who needs to hear all that bull anyway? But we need to know of the abuse I suffered to get the full meaning of the forgiveness I’ve given each and every one of them, why I am grateful for the abusive people iin my life and why you should too.

Just be grateful, it’s really beautiful.

It’s so beautiful. Really and truly it is and if you haven’t completely forgiven anyone, then you don’t know what you’re missing. With forgiveness comes peace, love, freedom and gratitude.

How’s that you wonder? Lemme explain. I’ve never had more gratitude and love in my heart in my whole life. All thanx to my abusers. (she’s lost her marbles clearly)

Why i am grateful for all the abusive people in my lifePin

5 reasons why I am grateful to all the abusive people in my life

I am hoping that after you read through all these things that you will finally understand why we need to be grateful for everything that happened to us in our lives. Life isn’t all rosy and sunshiny.

Sometimes it’s pure crap.

But we still must consider what we went through, find a lesson or blessing in it, don’t spend too much time figuring out the ‘why this happened to me’ and move on.

I know, easier said than done, but not impossible. Let’s move on to the 5 things I am grateful for.

For showing me how not to act.

Man you guys are jerks. Sheesh. No really in all seriousness. Nice loving people don’t treat others poorly. Plain and simple. Only jerks do that. So you’ve spent a better part of your life giving me Life Lesson #1 –

Don’t be mean to people.

Thanx for that! It took me a little while to learn that lesson though but I finally got it! Yay me.

Thank you.

So much love, I can’t even stand it.

The love I have in my heart never ceases to amaze me. Some days I wonder how it never busts out of my chest. For real!

You know, the power of forgiveness really is mindblowing. Once I decided it was time to forgive you all and release you, well, you’d think the heavens parted every cloud in the sky and just poured love down on me.

I loved every drop of it. What you did to me showed me how to forgive and open my heart to goodness.

Thank you!

Jerk Alert!!

Oh man I can smell one a mile away. No guff. Spending my whole life with liars, cheaters, bullies, narcissists and abusers gave me this superb ability to sniff them out quickly. It’s like there’s this neon light flashing right over their heads but only I can see it.

I’m glad I have that superpower now. What I do with it, still needs to be worked out a little bit.

Now that I know when one of “your type” is near, I can hold my head up high, smile and walk away.

Thank you.

Watch me grooooooow!!!

My, how I’ve grown. I have learned so much in the past 57 years of my life, all thanx to you guys. I feel like I’m such a strong woman. So brave, so strong, always smiling and mostly just walking around all happy and proud.

Can you believe that thanx to you I’ve grown, and continue to grow more beautiful every day? I know, it’s crazy right? You see, I still have triggers every now and then, and I have to be brave, deal with them, learn how to handle them and then send them away. Yay me!!

Thank you.

Oh, Great Wise One.

You’re not even gonna believe this but because of you guys, and all the crap you put me through, and all the healing I went through to deal with it, I can now actually teach, help and inspire people around the world. Boom!!!

I love this one. If it wasn’t for you guys, well what would be my special gift to the world?

Because of you I’ve started my own website and Facebook page (and my page is doing pretty good actually). I reach between 2-5 million people every week with inspirational and motivational messages. Because of all the abuse I suffered at your hands, I can now help millions around the world. (that still blows my mind!!)

Thank you!

The abusive people in my life played a beautiful role

So you see, my life isn’t as horrible as you might like it to be. I’m actually doing pretty good considering. Thank you.

Can you sort of understand now why I am grateful to all the abusive people in my life? If it wasn’t for them and the crap I went through I wouldn’t be where I am today..

A toast to all of you!! Cheers.

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Peace and Love


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  1. I had not considered having survived the abusive people in my life in this way. Thank you so much. The reasons are worthy of definite consideration. I too am in a better place. Not with arrogance or the idea any of the abusive people who threatened stopped me. Each and all could have profoundly affected me so negatively I would not be where I am today. Often I think for the times when I felt and thought being with an abusive person in my life the hurt was so bad it took all I had to continue to breath, looking towards the next day, and the next. I think of where I am now, I look back at where I have been and like you whisper a thank you to them all. I am still working on the Karma idea though, as well, but more each day humbly and gratefully. I still appreciate the lessons they taught me. I will get there someday.

    1. Slow but sure we get to a place of complete forgiveness and freedom. xoxo Stay strong.

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