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Take This Fun Personality Test to See What Others Think of You!

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I love quizzes. You should know that about me by now. I try to scout out all the good ones. Only the good ones. Sometimes I slip but for the most part, I think I do a great job. This was a great quiz though the last question totally had me thinking “what the heck?“. This is a fun personality test that I think you’ll really like.

I like the ones where they determine what people think about you. Now you should also know I really don’t care what people think of me because I love me and that’s all that matters. But these quizzes are just fun, really!

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Fun personality test.

What do you think of you? You know sometimes what we think of ourselves and how others see us are two totally different things. I think many people think we are better, smarter or greater than we actually think we are.

Sometimes when we ask others what they think of us and they come back with powerful and optimistic character traits, it can help us boost our self esteem and self confidence.

Apparently people think I am a Spiritual person (which I am) …

Strangers see you as someone with their mind in the clouds, but kind and caring.

Your friends see you as their source of divine guidance, and they feel very comfortable around you. Your family sees your lust for life and your strong spiritual belief. They adore you and patronize you because they pretty much know that your real goal is to find love everywhere.

That’s a nice description.

What does everyone think of you?

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I know I know, it doesn’t matter. It’s all in good fun remember. Drop your answer below. Have fun! I’d like to know what the other results are!

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