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16 Fun Self Care Activities For Your Mind and Soul

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Are you one of those people who likes to please everyone else but never takes care of themselves? Shame on you!! Today I want to share 16 fun self care activities you can easily do anytime of day or night that will help you nurture your mind, soul and spirit. 

Self care ideas for women

So many people think that in order to take care of yourself, you have to neglect family and other responsibilities which then leaves us in a ‘guilt’ mentality. What most people forget is that when you actually stop taking care of yourself, you’re hurting ‘you’ more than anything.

You’ve heard the expression before:

You can’t pour from an empty cup

Many of you just read that and nodded. You get it and you know exactly what I mean. But you don’t take the message deep to heart, and you should be. The following blog is a must read if you are feeling tired all the time

6 Warning Signs You Are Mentally and Emotionally Exhausted

Now while these fun self care activities I am sharing with you today can be done by anyone, some of them are self care ideas for women because I believe that men and women take care of themselves in different ways. If you’re a man reading this, you most certainly can do any of these.

Why is self care important?

First of all, let’s get one thing out of the way right now. Self care is not selfish, it’s mandatory (that’s actually another really popular quote that most ignore).

Why is self care important?

You, and only you, are number 1 in this world. Yes you have a family and they are important too. Yes you have children and of course they are important too!! But YOU are the most important. If you don’t take care of yourself first you are no good to anyone, ever.

You have got to let that sink in a bit. Read that last line a few times if you have to. You are not super woman/man. You are not invincible or indestructible. You are a human being with needs, just like the rest of us.

You just have to remind yourself that your needs come first.


Is it your soul or your mind that’s tired?

You’ll see the signs but you don’t exactly recognize them and you think you’re just ‘coming down with something’. What your coming down with is exhaustion. Your cup has runneth over and it’s tapped out. Your body, your mind and your soul. They are all tired.

Here are some signs your soul is tired:

  • not caring anymore about things
  • too tired to argue or care what is happening
  • letting things slide when you used to be passionate about them
  • nodding and smiling when you want to scream and cry

Here are some signs your mind is tired:

  • irritable and cranky
  • no patience for anyone
  • lack of focus on anything
  • stressed out

Here are some signs your body is tired:

  • headaches/backaches/muscle aches
  • weakness
  • dizziness
  • lack of appetite or overeating

Do you recognize yourself in some of these signs? There are probably a few more reasons that these signs are showing up in your life but I’m gonna guess that lack of self care is right there on the top of the list.

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I know personally that when I start getting cranky, stressed and my focus is way off, that it’s time for me to dig into my tickle trunk and pull out a few fun self care activities to get me back on track and to give myself the love and attention that I deserve and need.

I’ve broken this article into 2 categories:

  • self care ideas for your soul
  • self care ideas for your mind

16 Fun Self Care Activities For Your Mind and Soul

Let’s get to the self care ideas for your soul first. Now while some of these may not seem like fun self care activities, they are pretty powerful and you can make them fun if you want!!

Use your imagination, babe!

8 Self care ideas for your soul

Remember the soul needs love and nurturing. It’s up to you to give it both. Here are some simple self care ideas for your soul.

1 Lock yourself away

From everyone and everything and listen to some totally zen music with headphones. No distractions, no cellphones, nothing. Just you and chill out zen tunes. Give yourself at least 15 minutes a day, yes I said a day, to do this.

2 Journal

If you don’t already have a journal, go get one. Take time to write gratitude and lovey things in it. Daily. Things you are happy you have in your life. Let the journal fill your soul with love and joy. Fill this journal with nothing but positivity. All the time.

3 Volunteer

Find something that resonates with your soul. Something that calls to your heart. It could be an animal rescue shelter or an old age home. Whatever it is, call them up and go once a week or even twice a month.

4 Spa day!

And no you don’t have to spend a fortune on this. Put on some nice soft music and soak in a lavender scented tub or do your nails or give yourself a mini pedi!! The self care ideas here are endless and many of them are free!!

5 Read a soul loving book

Do you have a book on your bookshelf or in your Kindle that you’ve been meaning to read for awhile but just never seem to have the time? Make the time to take care of yourself and your soul by burying your nose in this book!

6 Buy yourself a treat

Do you have a few dollars to spare? Take yourself to a movie or for dinner/lunch/specialty tea or coffee at that new restaurant you’ve been eyeballing. You need to treat yourself every now and then and don’t feel guilty about it. Remember you need to take care of yourself too!

7 Call an old friend

When was the last time you talked to Emily or Sarah? No one ever thinks of taking time out to do this and they also don’t realize that as far as self care ideas go, this one is so good for the soul. Call your friend and block an hour off just to catch up!

8 Get yourself some flowers

Whether you pick them fresh from your yard or go buy yourself a simple yet beautiful bouquet, you need life, colour and the sweet aroma of some fresh flowers to feed and nurture your soul. You should do this often.

Now let’s get to that mind of yours. It’s tired too and needs some self care.

16 Sweet and simple self care tips for your heart and soulPin

8 self care ideas for your mind

Your mind needs to shut down from responsibility and stress and it can’t do that without you. This is probably the most important reason to take care of yourself. Your mind needs a break.

9 Start saying ‘no’

When you normally would have said yes, start saying no, I can’t help you today or tomorrow. I’m busy. I don’t have time. Whatever the case, learn to say no and walk away. Let someone else help for a change.

10 Remove toxic people

I get that’s easier said than done but if you have toxic people in your life draining you, it’s time to start distancing yourself from them. They will suck the life out of you and no one deserves to have that much power over you, your body, your soul or your energy. Get rid of them.

11 Declutter one room or shelf

Or something. We all have that one area that is a jumbled up mess of stuff that is mostly garbage. Clutter is nervous and negative energy that poisons our minds. Time to clean up. Get to that room or drawer and free your mind.

12 Do something different

Break the old routine of day in day out, work eat sleep. Go do something you’ve always wanted to do, take a new route to work, have something totally different for lunch or dinner. Switch up your midday coffee for a chai tea. Just have fun with this simple little self care idea.

13 Stay off Social Media for two hours

Or more if you can. I say two hours because most people can do 1 hour easily. Try two or more. This is one great way to take care of yourself and your mind. There is so much negativity on SM these days. Unplug for a little while and rest your mind.

14 Meditate. Please.

You can even do this for 5 minutes a day if you don’t have a full 30 minutes to do this. Find the time. Make the time for this amazing self care idea for your mind. Consider it a brain dumping if you will. A time to detoxify your pretty little head.

15 Dance and sing

Too much? No really. Put on your favourite music, or musical, and sing at the top of your lungs. Singing not quite your thing? Dance around the house then. Do something fun and random just for you with music. Music is so good for the soul and the mind.

16 Stare out the window for 5 minutes

Now this may seem like an odd self care idea but just try it. For a few minutes, go to your favourite window and just stare. Watch the birds, the snow, the traffic or whatever thing is happening outside your door. Take in the sights!

Fun self care activities relieve stress

Good bye stress! Like, who needs you anyway? Engaging in any of these fun self care activities will absolutely reduce stress, anxiety, anger and frustration and cheer you up and brighten your day!

As you can see, there are all kinds of self care ideas you can do to feed your soul and your mind and very few of them cost anything!!

People just don’t realize the importance of self care and how lack of it really affects them. Your body, your soul and your mind are trying to tell you something. Watch the signs, pay attention to them and start taking care of yourself. Remember, you are number one, always.

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  1. ?I enjoyed your material and want to say thank you. I knew I was burning the candle at both ends but always felt that was how life is, your words made me realize and see why i have always been tired, exhausted, drained and not really happy. I have never put me above or ahead of others and helping or doing for them first. I am now going to write a new chapter to my way of life and try very hard each and every day to think of me first! Again, many thanks

    1. Awe I love to read this Beverly. I think we all struggle with putting ourselves first but it’s so important AND mandatory!!!
      much love to you xoxo Thank you for this awesome comment!

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