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20 badass quotes about life

20 Badass Quotes That Will Motivate the Sh*t Out of You!

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Life is serving you nothing but lemons right now and half of them are rotten. You can’t even make lemonade out of them, let alone take a shot of tequila with them. One crappy thing after another but I’ve come up with a list of 20 in your face, inspirational, deep, and badass quotes about life that can help us snap out of our misery.

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Because sometimes all we need are more badass quotes to motivate the sh*t out of us!

You find yourself absorbed in positive affirmations on FB and Instagram and Pinterest and all other social media sites because, really, that’s where all your answers lie, right? You drown in a sea of rainbows and unicorns, magic, and butterflies. Fluff and flowers.

Is it helping though? I’m guilty of scrolling feeds looking for inspirational messages in a post.

Sometimes the best badass quote shows up at just the right moment and I find myself screaming HELL YA at the monitor. Do you do that too? Or maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, in my tumultuous years, I’ve come up with a few quotes about being a badass, myself! In this post, I’m going to share them with you and hope you have your HELL YA moments too!!

You know sometimes, fluffy doesn’t quite cut it. We need something hard-hitting and powerful to shake us up and wake us up. Tough love if you will. I hope these will serve as your daily inspirational quotes for when times are tough and you are down.

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Are you ready to change your life?

You know something has got to change. Anything. Your song is old and it’s boring. Your friends can hear you whining before you even enter the room.

They know what they are in for. They are tired of listening to it and surprisingly enough, you are tired of singing the same song.

When is this life gonna turn around? Why does it have to be so hard all the time?

Newsflash for ya. It doesn’t have to be so hard and it will turn around when you decide you’ve had enough. Until then, here are some in your face badass quotes that should help you get a grip.

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20 Badass Quotes To Live By!

  • If you want to change, then change. No one is going to do that for you.

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  • When you get tired of hearing the sound of your whine, you will know it’s time to start doing something about your life. Until then, nothing will happen.
  • You’re not waiting for the right time, you’re simply afraid. Fear is keeping you from your dream life. Saying you are waiting for the right time is just an excuse.
  • The more you say you can’t the more you are going to start believing it. I got a better idea. Start saying you CAN and watch what happens.
  • How about you stop blaming others for all the crap in your life all the time and start taking responsibility for your life?
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  • Of course it’s scary! Life is scary and so far you ain’t doing too bad of a job. Face your fear.
  • I can’t help you. Nobody can. The only person who can help you is you. Go help yourself!!
  • The only way to get what you want in life is to get off your arse and make it happen! ~Steven Aitchison
  • You can handle whatever crap life throws at you. You are stronger than you think.

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  • Spread more love and less hate please. The more hate you feel, the more hate will show up and stay in your life
  • Life has an expiration date. The problem with that is, we don’t know when it is. Smarten up and go live.
  • Don’t cry about yesterday. It’s over. Do something today to make your tomorrow better. Just stop crying over yesterday’s crap.
  • You control your life. Not your family, your partner or anyone else. If they do, it’s because you are letting them.
  • The longer you talk about your problems, the longer they will stay. Do yourself a favour and start talking about solutions.
  • I got this far because my desire for a better life was stronger than my desire to stay in misery.
  • It doesn’t matter how many times you got pushed down, get up!! Keep getting up. Don’t stay down. Show them how strong you are.
  • Yesterday sucked. I get it. You were hard done by. We all were. Forgive, forget and move on. Life is too damn short.

20 inspirational and badass quotes about life

What are your favourite badass quotes that motivate and empower you?

Do you have some favourite badass sayings that really drive it home for you? What are some of your go-to badass quotes that fire you up and make you yell “HELL YA”?? Go ahead and share them below in the comments section! I’d love to hear what some of yours are!

You got this!!

You know, sometimes you don’t need someone to rub your back and tell you everything is going to be ok.

Sometimes we need someone who is going to smack us upside the head and tell us to snap out of it and grow a pair. It’s time. Do it.

You so got this. I hope these meaningful and badass quotes about life will help you.

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Peace and Love


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    1. Hey thanx Michelle and thanx for dropping your comment! I appreciate you always. xoxo Love you!

  1. Saving this so I can refer back to it as often as I need too! Thanks Iva, you are amazing! Love all your life’s lessons. One day I will be a badass just like you!

    1. Hey thanx Monette. These are some of the quotes I used to repeat to myself all the time to get me out of my funk. They work. And you ARE badass just like me!! love you…xoxo

  2. The language is “tough” but the
    thought is “tough love” and the
    lesson is “make a plan” take action
    and go after your dream.
    It takes courage. The best people I
    know or have known – were “overcomers” and people who grew
    up and faced their challenges.

    1. Hi Betty thanx for your comment and for visiting the blog. Sometimes tough love is in order. I know I sure as heck needed it when I hit my all time low.

      Iva xo

  3. Hey how scary & so true in so many ways. Really trying to apply alot of whats in there, it takes many hours of pondering. Will copy this and email it to myself so i can look at regularly. Very good advice ?

    1. These are the quotes that snapped me out of my poop life Jo. Glad you liked it.

      xo iva xo

  4. Hey Thanks for such a wonderful collection of Quotes which really motivates the inner in you….. Made my day…. and by reading day by day I will make a beautiful life…

  5. My kind of quotes! I have made up similar ones too. Can I use yours and acknowledging you of course, on my life coaching page?

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