5 Life Questions to Ask Yourself When Things Go Wrong

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Life isn’t always rainbows, puppies and lollipops. Some times, things go terribly wrong and we aren’t quite sure how to handle it. Here are 5 life questions to ask yourself when things do go wrong.

It is in the darkness that we will find the light we need.

Now I should clarify that for the purpose of this blog and message, I’m not talking about tragedies or death of loved ones. This inspirational article is simply about all those annoying things that happen out of nowhere.

So when everything is going wrong for me, these are a few of the important life questions Iva stops to ask herself before she gets mad and flies off the handle because let’s face it, don’t we all want to scream and cry and throw things (or temper tantrums) when things fall apart?

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5 Life Questions to Ask Yourself

Is this gonna matter next week? Next month?

Like whatever crap just happened, will it still be horrific next week, or next month, or hell even tomorrow for that matter? Is it so bad that we’ll still be reeling in the aftermath in days to come?

Granted, a job loss will probably still matter next week or next month (provided you haven’t found a replacement job yet) but always keep in mind everything happens for a reason though sometimes it takes a long time for the reason to reveal itself.

Every situation, every thing is temporary. Even your troubles. Remember that.

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Is there something I need to learn from this?

Maybe there is a bigger lesson here for you. Maybe the Universe threw that curve ball at you, right then and there for one of two reasons: a) to slow you down or b) to smarten you up. And I don’t mean that in a mean way. Just maybe you were headed in the wrong direction and the Universe said “hey whoa Betty, not so fast” but you weren’t listening and then whammo.

Pay attention to signs. They are everywhere and they don’t always show up as feathers or butterflies. I think out of all the questions about life to ask, this one might be the most important. Where’s the lesson?

Can I do something about it now?

Am I fully capable of stepping up to the plate, being confident enough in myself to rectify the situation at hand or do I just continue to freak out and act like a child having a tantrum? Am I strong enough to deal with this right now in a level headed manner? See, this one conjures up more questions about life you should be asking yourself.

You should try it. When you take a step back and think “ok can I do this”? and then you decide to handle it confidently, it will prepare you for future chaotic events that occur. We can’t always act like 3 yr olds when things go wrong. Time to adult up.

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Can I put it away for now?

Now by that I don’t mean brush it under the rug and pretend like it never happened. When bad things happen, they happen for a reason and we need to deal with them. But sometimes, taking a step back and not reacting right away is the best way to respond. Can you remove yourself from the situation and take another look at it from a different angle that perhaps may also help you learn and grow as a person?

You know, not acting in haste and being mature about it. Sometimes we need to just step away, think the whole thing through and then when we are calm and level headed, we can approach it in another way. When you ask your some of these important life questions, it really helps you grow. This one of the questions of life is actually more important than you think.

How is this going to change my life?

How bad was the storm that hit? Was it devastating or manageable? If I take the lesson I learned and apply it, how will my life change from this situation? If I don’t take the lesson, then what? What’s the absolute worst thing that will come from this situation?

I know when I lost a big job from one of my clients 2 yrs ago, though I panicked a wee bit, and I knew my income was taking a big hit, I also knew that it was a good thing for me because it allowed me more time to work on my own personal business. A blessing in disguise, it altered my life, and ya it was a big gouge in my income but I made it work.

These important life questions are just a small handful of ones to ask when things go wrong but ultimately, it’s how you handle and react to the situation that is going to make or break you. Just be cool peeps, be cool.

Peace and Love


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