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5 Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas For the Single Woman

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Being a single woman on Valentine’s Day can really suck. I mean, it is, after all, the day of love for couples, right?Are you one of the many single women who really wish you had a partner to share this ooey gooey love day with? I’d like to share some fun and unique Valentine’s Day ideas with you now so you don’t have to be sad this February 14th.

Are you like me and cringe at every advertisement and store display that wreaks of love and sappy love messages? Pictures of couples hugging and smooching. Oh and then there’s the jewelry store ads.


Him buying her a beautiful diamond ring or a sparkly new necklace. I totally feel your pain. It’s not fun for us single women to have all these images in our face and jammed down our throats.

These are some of the thoughts I used to have weeks before this special day arrived:

  • being lonely sucks
  • when am I going to meet the man of my dreams?
  • I wish they would stop showing those ads, they make me so sad
  • is this day almost over? I can’t handle this anymore
  • oh please just make the whole world stop and come back on the 15th of February
  • I can’t handle all these Facebook memes of my friends and how lucky they are to have ‘him’


Oh there are a ton more icky thoughts and feelings I had leading up to Valentine’s Day but these ones stand out the most.

But there’s hope for us single women. I’ve come up with a few unique Valentine’s Day ideas so you can have the best day ever. Whether alone or with your friends. It doesn’t have to be horrible!

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Unique Valentine’s Day ideas 

The top of my list is my favourite one in the whole wide world. Actually, all 5 are pretty creative Valentine’s day ideas but 1 is my favourite. 

Give yourself some love

Make this Valentine’s Day all about you. Love and honour yourself. Remember how magnificent you are and rock that! As soon as you get up in the morning shout out ” I love you” !!!

Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how absolutely beautiful you are (yup even first thing in the morning you are!). Hug yourself, smooch yourself if you want to.

Love yourself up like you’ve never been loved up before. 

Too many of us forget that we need to love ourselves first, the right way, before anyone else can love us. If you aren’t in a good place in loving yourself, you will only attract what you put out so be careful.

As much as we all want love and to be loved, it’s very important to love yourself the right way first. If you have a hard time loving yourself you might like this mini self help eBook I wrote recently. 

How to Love Yourself

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Treat yourself

Now that you’ve started the day loving yourself, it’s time for treats! Yippee! Go get yourself some fresh flowers, buy yourself lunch or dinner at a nice restaurant.

Can’t afford that? Take yourself out on a picnic. Keep reminding yourself all day how awesome you are.

Go indulge in some of your favourite ice cream or chocolate. No one’s buying you a box of chocolates this year. Go buy your own. Best part of that? You can pick out exactly what YOU want, not what they think you want.

How can you possibly go wrong with this being one of the best Valentine’s Day ideas??!!

Other ways to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day?

Get a mani/pedi. Get a massage. Get a new hairdo! The possibilities are endless. Don’t forget you are super special and deserve treats too, regardless of the fact that you have no one to buy them for you. Go get them yourself!

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Date night with your other single friends

Why does it have to be all about being with a man or a special partner? Yes, I get that this is a day of love but don’t you love your friends? Of course you do.

Call up a few of your fave single friends and make a date for a fun night together. Movies, dinner, coffee whatever. Perhaps a road trip?

Why not all of you call in sick and take a day trip somewhere (too much?). HA!

This unique Valentine’s Day idea is probably the most fun really. You can forget you’re alone, because you won’t be, and it could possibly turn into the most fun you’ve ever had on Valentine’s Day!

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It’s Ok to be alone

If you prefer to spend the day alone that’s cool too but don’t stay home and wallow in self pity. Nope nope nope. That’s a bad idea. I may stay home alone this year and that’s totally ok. I may work, I may clean the apartment, I may even watch some fun movies.

What I won’t be doing is feeling sorry for myself. Not a chance. If you’re going to stay home alone make sure you are still honouring yourself in some loving way.

Do your own mani/pedi. Give yourself a mini facial. Watch a fun movie, start a new series on Netflix. 

Whatever it is you decide to do alone on Valentine’s Day just make sure it’s relaxing, enjoyable and loving. Make sure it isn’t spent in a heap on the floor sobbing because you’re a single woman on this special day. 

You are worth more than a puddle of ‘feel sorry for myself’ tears. 

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Spend time helping others

This always comes up as one of my tips in any inspirational posts but for Valentine’s Day, this is the best and most unique Valentine’s Day idea.

Remember you’re not the only one alone on this day. There are others too who are and have been alone for many years. They probably feel really sad too.

If you want to cheer yourself up, go cheer someone else up first. 

Go spend some time in a nursing home, homeless shelter, maybe even on the street and hang out with someone else who is alone. Bring coffee, donuts, chocolates, or any kind of fun shareable treat!!

This is a great way to not feel sorry for yourself while helping someone who is less fortunate. Your heart will explode and you will feel the most love ever. I promise you that.

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Do you have creative Valentine’s Day ideas to share?

Though I get it’s really not the same without a partner, it also doesn’t have to be a day of doom and gloom and drowning your lonely sorrows in cheap wine and chocolate alone. It’s up to you to make the most of this day and have fun doing it.

I know you can.

If you are bothered by all those ads of love, turn away. No one is forcing you to look. Stay focused on loving yourself, your life and your friends. Be grateful for all you have and know that one day your knight in shining armor will arrive (if that’s what you’re looking for). Love yourself first and the rest will fall into place, quite nicely.



Do you have any unique Valentine’s Day ideas you’d like to share? Drop them down below!

“Gosh I am so beautiful. Happy Valentine’s Day to meeeeeee!!”

Peace and Love

xo iva xo


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