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10 Powerful Narcissist Relationship Quotes That Will Hit You in the Feels

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10 of the best narcissist quotes

You know I write an awful lot about healing from the past and forgiving others and all that kind of good stuff. I also write a lot of articles that share quotes with you and this one is no different. I thought today I would marry the two topics, healing and quotes and share with you 10 powerful narcissist quotes that will shake you up, wake you up and remind you why you left or why you should leave!

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Dealing with a narcissist

Oy. How many of you have had many sleepless nights because of your narcissist husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend or any toxic relationship you have right now?

I’ve had my fair share that’s for sure. I can remember nights going to bed sick to my stomach and wishing the world would just end and take me out of my misery.

It’s no fun. At all.

I knew without a shadow of a doubt that no matter what I said or did, nothing was going to change. My narcissistic boyfriend was not going to change. If I wanted to be happy and live a relatively normal-ish life I had two choices:

  • leave him, or
  • ignore him and put up with it

You already know which one I chose. I left him and no it wasn’t easy. I had nothing to my name. Not even two cents to rub together but I knew if I ever wanted to be happy this was what I had to do.

it’s a fight you will never win. And you will never be happy. Narcissistic people will fight you until you crumble to the ground. Too often we lose ourselves in these toxic relationships because we fear there is no way out.

I really enjoyed this video from the YouTube channel MedCircle. Dr. Ramani Durvasula is a wealth of knowledge.

Narcissistic behavior hurts everyone

For many of us, the signs aren’t so clear. I know personally that I just thought narcissistic behavior was simply because of the way they were raised and they didn’t know any better.

Like they didn’t have better role models to nurture them and help them grow into loving kind human beings.

I didn’t even know that narcissistic behavior was a thing. It wasn’t until much later on in life that one of my sisters informed me that we were raised by a narcissistic mother.

I had no clue. I just thought she was a product of her upbringing.

This behavior is damaging to everyone, even the narcissist, though they don’t think it does. I feel that independent of the fact that these people in our lives are narcissists I honestly don’t believe they are happy. I think they are very sad and broken people operating on an extreme defense mechanism level.

What are the traits of a narcissist?

So many of us still have no idea we are dealing with a narcissist. Remember I had no clue. Narcissistic personality disorder is a real thing. A real scary thing.

If you recognize any of the signs listed below in your spouse, partner, family member friend, co-worker, or whoever, then you are dealing with someone who is suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder.

Signs of narcissistic personality disorder:

  • frequently bully you with no remorse at all
  • they seek constant praise and attention
  • exaggerate talents and skills
  • require and demand appreciation and attention
  • an exaggerated sense of self-importance
  • lack of empathy towards others

Narcissistic abuse is extremely damaging with long term effects

If you or someone you know is dealing with a narcissist please do them or yourself a favour and learn either how to deal with them or find the courage to leave. The long term effects of narcissistic abuse can go on for years.

I feel I have finally healed from all the narcissists in my life but every now and then a trigger comes up and whammo!

I’m curled up in a ball crying again. I hope one day this eventually ends. So many, too many, of us don’t heal or don’t even know we’re in a relationship with a narcissist.

If you’re not sure if you are dealing with someone who has a narcissistic personality disorder, this blog I wrote a while back might help you understand them a bit more.

You really should read it if you are unsure. It explains a lot!

How To Spot a Narcissist-5 Warning Signs You Can’t Ignore

(don’t forget to Pin or share that article and this one too!)

Read these narcissist relationship quotes as often as you have to!

Often when I sit to write articles I have to decide what kinds of things to share that I think you will get the most value from. I love to share a lot of quotes and blogs about healing and being happy and this one will be no different.

The narcissist relationship quotes I am going to share with you today are little mini wake up calls for you. Little gentle reminders that you are better off without your narcissistic partner OR that it just might be time to leave them.

I want you to read these quotes as often as you have to. Print them out and tape them all over your house if you have to. No wait don’t do that. Especially if you are still living with your narcissist. Oops.

But maybe tuck them in your purse or wallet or pocket and read them every now and then to give you the courage you need to finally leave. Whatever you do with them and however they move you, I hope they help you in dealing with your narcissist and help you let go, heal and move on.

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10 Narcissist Quotes

Without further ado, I will now share 10 powerful and intense narcissist relationship quotes that will certainly hit you hard in the feels.

Narcissists try to destroy your life with lies because they know theirs can be destroyed with the truth.

10 narcissist quotes that hit home

They will do anything in their power to make your life a living hell, even lie. Remember you deserve so much more than that. Find your voice and speak your own truth.

Narcissists are masters of pathologizing your emotions. They convince you that your emotional reactions to the abuse are the problem, rather than the abuse itself. ~Shahida Arabi

They will tell you it’s all in your head and that you are the problem. They will tell you that you are overreacting. Don’t buy into any of it. The abuse is the problem, not you.

The narcissist doesn’t want your love, they don’t know what love is. They want your admiration and obedience as a player in their fake make-believe world.

They have no idea how to love. Maybe because they were never given the love we all deserve growing up. They thrive on having their ego fed and by you playing their game, it gets fed. Don’t play their game.

Narcissists don’t change because they don’t want to change. They want to keep on using and abusing because it gets them the attention they so desperately crave. ~Anne McCrea

They are attention seekers. Remember that! As long as they keep getting the attention they crave and desire they will never change. Why would they?

16 narcissist quotes

 If you don’t heal what hurt you, you will bleed all over those who didn’t cut you. 

This quote actually works both ways. The narcissist will bleed all over you because he/she hasn’t healed. The other way this quote can be read is that you need to heal from your ex narcissistic partner or you will bleed over the next person.

Truth is like surgery. It hurts but it cures. A lie is like a pain killer. It gives instant relief but has side effects forever.

Read that one many times if you have to. A lie is a lie is a lie and you will feel the pain from that lie forever. Part of narcissistic personality disorder is lying, a lot, all the time. Notice the signs, get out.

A narcissist will manipulate everyone around you to betray you. This is not a reflection of who you are but more of a reflection of the narcissist powers of manipulation and the integrity of other people.

You know there’s a quote that goes something like this: live your life in such a way that if anyone spoke badly of you, no one would believe them. Your true friend and the people who matter and care won’t believe the narcissist’s lies. If they do, you don’t need these people in your life.

A narcissist doesn’t care how he makes you feel as long as he provokes an emotion from you it makes him feel superior and powerful. But one day you will look at him and feel nothing.

One day you will get to the point where you feel nothing, you finally see right through him and you make the decision to go. I hope you find the courage and strength to do that sooner than later.

I told ya these were gonna be hit you hard in the feels! I share them with you now to open your eyes to the truth behind narcissism.

10 narcissist quotes

They will suck the life right out of you. Many of them know and see your spark, your beauty, and how much people adore and love you. This will make them insanely jealous and they won’t have any of that. You know what I mean.

And probably one of the most powerful narcissist quotes ever is my favourite!

The only way to win with a toxic person is not to play.

Just don’t. It’s so not worth it and you will lose every time. You will lose lots of things. Things like:

  • self-worth
  • self-esteem
  • self-confidence
  • self-respect
  • self-love

Is it worth it? Heck no! If you are in a toxic relationship right now and too afraid to leave try to find someone to talk to or who can help you. Too many of us never leave and live in misery day in and day out. Remember that’s not why we are here.

I had a lot of healing to do after I left my narcissistic boyfriend and honestly, guided meditations and hypnosis’ really helped me a lot!

I read this the other day and my mind was blown:

..”hate is the complement of fear and narcissists like being feared”

There is so much power to that statement. They thrive on hate. It’s in their blood and all they know. Narcissistic people have little to no sensitivity. They simply dgaf.

Leaving a toxic narcissistic relationship is hard but not impossible

We are here to live in joy. We deserve love and to be happy. Whatever you are going through or dealing with, know you don’t have to. I know leaving is scary and hard but it’s not impossible. When I decided to leave my narcissistic boyfriend my whole world opened up to amazing opportunities and miracles.

If you are having a hard time dealing with a narcissist in your life and desperately need help, please reach out for help. There are professionals around the world who can help you. Check out for more information.

Kim Saeed also has an amazing course to help you break free from your narcissistic partner. Please check it out here. She really is amazing. Click the link or the image below for more information.

The Essential Break Free Bootcamp

Trust that this will happen for you too. I hope these intense and powerful quotes hit you in the feels like they were meant to do. Not hurt you, but wake you up.

If you need help letting go and moving on, my self-help guide might be just what you need. Please take a minute to click the link below and check it out. Maybe you know someone who may need help. Please share.

self help guide

Did these narcissist quotes hit you in the feels?

I mean, I hope they really woke you up and shook you to your core. I hope they hit you hard in the feels so that if you are still in a relationship with a narcissist that maybe these quotes will give you the courage to get up and leave.

Always remember there is help and you are never alone. Ever! Reach out to a professional if you have to or a friend/family member to help you leave your narcissist once and for all!! Don’t forget to check out Kim Saeed’s Essential Breakfree Bootcamp. She’s the real deal!!!

I love you.

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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30 Responses

  1. Thank you!! I am
    Still going through a situation with two narcissistic grown daughters. I have grandchildren &’ I can’t just give up although I did nothing to cause them to stop talking to me except come to my sick husband & they weren’t ok with that.I need counseling. 😢💔

    1. I’m sorry this is happening to you. I hope you can find someone near you to speak to and find some peace and comfort in all this. xo

      1. What you said is like my daughter for thirty-four years I have taken the abuse I finally walk away from her I miss her but not her hurtful words I hope one day she will realise and come look for me

        1. I’m sorry to hear this. I hope one day too things will work out for you xoxo

      1. I married a man who made himself appear as a God fearing man. Right after the wedding ceremony he has flipped a switch to someone whom I didn’t know. Many years ago I was physically abused by my common law husband. I left and learned the dangers to not get involved with some one like that again. Up to date: turns out the man I married was a gaslighting narcissist. He did everything name it, he did it. This was my first marriage at 55 yrs young. I started to see things, talked to the pastor I wasn’t believed. It was hell. I was married to him for 2 1/2 years. Left no one to help me from church. They didn’t believe me because “he’s such a nice guy “. Yep, he had put his hands on my shoulders while facing me, started to massage my shoulders and then he put his hands around my throat with his thumbs on the Adam’s apple. Dangerous situation no marks for evidence. I left quietly without him knowing what I was doing. I was afraid and i never let on that i was. Because I know they thrive on fear.

        1. Good on you for leaving and sorry you had to go through this :(

  2. Thank you for your quotes they Are really helpful and straight to the situation every person is living if in contact with a narcissistic partner

  3. I have read alot about narcissists, but nothing like this .this is so true and wonderfully written.the advice is so takened,thank you ,and God bless.

  4. Thank you for sharing these. I am healing from narcissist abuse from my family. Thanks for showing that one can survive It.

    1. Yes we certainly can survive and grow stronger from it xoxo

  5. I was married to a narcissist for 29 years. I thought I was going crazy as he lived above the law, lied to my children and still does 10 years later about me being mentally ill, having an affair, etc. He is remarried now for 3 years and is very wealthy. I don’t know why as we don’t keep in touch, but he pries and digs deep to find anything wrong with me from afar and still tears me down to others. I ignore him, have blocked him, but his hateful obsession to this day of me is worrisome. My kids are 35 and 37. I never talk bad about him, but he still poisons them. Why can’t he move on and will he do the same to this wife? Definitely got the PTSD to deal with, but I am happy flying solo and by the grace of God have my self esteem back. What an awful way to live—as a narcissist. Will my kids ever see through his facade?

    1. They may or may not or they may just love him and see him for the part he has played in their lives.

  6. Wow unbelievable I cannot believe what I have gone through in the last 6 years when I met my narcissist which I didn’t know what a narcissist was. He swept me off my feet I had just gone through a divorce I was sad I was lonely and he said everything that I needed to hear. He made me feel so special like no other man has ever made me feel. He told me he was married and his wife didn’t stimulate him physically or emotionally. And I guess because my husband cheated on me it really didn’t matter at the time. In the beginning things was so nice he said all the right things we used to say that everyday seem like Christmas Eve. I noticed that things started to change he became very controlling wanted to know my whereabouts and all times didn’t want me hanging with my family my friends or even go out to the clubs anymore. But because I loved him and wanted to keep things good between us I tried too accommodating him in every way I could. THEN HE BeCAME very disrespectful calling me every name in the book he called me names I had never heard of before then that’s when I realize something is wrong I have become so depressed developing physical symptoms numbness inmy arms blood pressure was always high I just felt sick to my stomach all the time nothing I did was ever right nothing I said was ever right he blame me for everything. In November of 2019 he suddenly died of a massive heart attack. I did get a chance to go to the funeral I saw his wife and kids they didn’t seem sad at all. How do I grieve how do I move on. I am so mad and angry at myself for letting this happen to me. I know what I went through in 6 years God only knows what his wife and kids went through in 20 years

    1. Sorry for the struggle you are going through. It’s hard no question about that. I suggest listening to cord cutting meditations to release the pain anger frustration and attachment to this. xoxo

  7. Thank you .. you explain well . I even wrote them down to help get through the struggle…

    1. Thank you. Here’s to hoping you get through your struggle and find some inner peace xoxo

  8. I am married to a narcissist and just met and also have a live I. Boyfriend who I am discovering is one as well my life is a living hell but I found your article to be very encouraging honest and enlightening!

    Thank you !

    1. Dump the narcissists in your life. You deserve better xoxox

  9. In the process of divorcing my husband who I now think is a covert narcissist. We are married 28 yrs. So much time lost. I am trying to stay positive. My oldest is supportive of me. The rest of my children don’t know yet. Thank you for this article. It really does help to read others stories.

    1. Have faith and stay strong while you go through this. You will be just fine!! xoxo

  10. I admire your information!!! I left after 4 1/2 years of torture!! I had enough plus some. The trauma I am still enduring is still painful but being in the terrible situation is much worse .
    Thank you so much for helping myself and others through this horrific experience!!!
    So much time wasted!! I’m moving on and thank God for that!
    God Bless you !!!!

    1. Keep healing and moving forward, never look back. xoxo

  11. A friend of ours ( we are a longtime married couple ! ) has a fixation on my husband . She is a classical narcissist as you describe in the narcissistic comments . My husband is now sick with dementia and this woman is trying to make my life miserable . My husband can no longer say NO so she sued me for visiting rights ! She is allowed to visit him . She lied to the court of course . My life is now horrible . She is trying to control me and wants my husband’s remains . It is absolutely crazy . She is a physician and she uses her title to manipulate people . I have a lawyer and I will fight her but I am stressed out . Thank you !

    1. Omgod!!! How horrible :( I hope everything works out for you. xoxo

  12. I broke free From my narc/drug addicted husband, last June . Filed divorce. I felt so strong.. now almost a year, Im struggling. I should have stuck with no contact.. Now I feel even worse because he is living his life.( sober). For 7 years I stood by him!! Now he is destroying me….all over by his lack of interest in me..Its seems no matter what he does, he gets away with it. Im angry and broken…

    1. Why are you still hanging on then? You broke free and divorced. The end. Time to move on and let him live his life and you go on and live yours.

  13. I am currently going through the worst time of my life and trying to stay as positive as I can. I’m 31 have a 7 month old son who I love more than anything. My narcissistic ex partner/ father 46 is now taking me to court for custody trying to make himself look perfect and of course make me out to be “ the crazy one” he’s an alcoholic also so our relationship has been hell. This he also has pointed on me. He’s never helped with raising or caring for my son and he terrifies the living hell out of me. I hope and pray that everything will work out and I can finally live a life of happiness and peace with my precious son. It’s been an exhausting 2 years.

    1. I am so sorry you are going through this Jen. I am sending lots of positive love and energy your way so things work out for you xoxoxo

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