What to Do When You Don’t Love Yourself Anymore

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You know, I’m no stranger to beating myself up after sacrificing my self worth, yet again. I cry to my friend and she always says “have you learned the lesson yet”? The answer is always no. I’m not sure why she even still asks. Don’t get me wrong. I like who I am and I like my life and I cherish what I’ve created for myself. But my self love? Ya,sometimes she takes a beating and there are days I just don’t dig myself anymore. So what to do when you don’t love yourself anymore?

So apparently this lesson is one I keep struggling with. Why can’t I get it right? What the hell is my problem? When will I learn to love myself once and for all? I’d like to think I’m not the only one who goes through this mental torment, no?

What to do when you don’t love yourself anymore.

I was pretty sure we were solid last year, me and my self love. We were rocking hard, holding our head up high and glowing with love. Yup we sure were. Then time passed….and I got lonely. You see where I’m going with this?

Suddenly my self love took a back seat because I was starting to get lonely. It’s been awhile. I need affection. I need someone’s arms around me, I need a kiss on the forehead and to hold someone’s hand while i’m walking down the street. I need and miss all that stuff dammit.

and in walks a boy…..

I gently shoo-ed self love away and whispered to her “just sit tight, we got this, we’re gonna be ok”. Who was I kidding? There was nothing ok about any of this. It was stupid and was I doomed for disaster.

what to do when you don't love yourself anymore

In walks regret

Well, hello regret. Long time no see. I’ve been expecting you.

Yup. I knew it was coming. Did I care? Not really. At least not at the time while my hand was being held and my forehead was getting kissed. It was so sweet. Each time. It was all just so blissful. I didn’t care at what price. I knew how this was all going to end. I’m not stupid er, wait…am I?

Did I care? Nope. I’ve been here before. I know what this kind of regret feels like. I’ll get over it. I always do. Sometimes it takes longer than the last time. I got this. I’ll be ok.

So what now?

Oh, for me, it’s the usual prescription. FB message my two best friends. They will send me virtual hugs, tell me I’m awesome, I deserve better and that they love me. I  cry an awful lot, maybe have a shot of Fireball or two or 5. Walk around the apartment numb, dazed, confused and high. I’ll plug in Sarah Blondin and listen to her for 45 minutes. She soothes my heart and soul (seriously go check her out).

Does any of this help? Yup. The Fireball is great for numbing pain, the friends are good for my ego, crying releases toxins and Sarah puts my life back in perspective for me.

You just can’t beat yourself up over it. What’s done is done. Pick yourself back up and move on. Take a few things from this lesson and remember them for the next time (but let’s hope this doesn’t happen again). Remember, we’re all still learning and growing and we will until the day we die.

I know the only thing that will heal this mess I’ve created is time. Sorry, too cliche? It’s true though. Time, meditations, positive self talk (oh how I love looking at myself in the mirror and reminding myself how awesome and beautiful I am) and weed. It will all go away soon and I’ll be ok.

Until the next time this happens…..(stop it you moron).

Bartender, maybe some wine this time please!

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Peace and Love


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  • I had been repeating this pattern my whole life until I finally saw a therapist about coming to grips with leaving my husband. She helped me see the reasons WHY I am the person I am. Once I had the “why” I could finally learn to change. There are times in my current relationship (the healthiest relationship I’ve ever had!) that I want to return to familiar behaviour but then I catch myself before the self-destruction starts. (don’t be fooled though, this process includes lots of wine!)

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