Say NO To These 5 Things If You Want To Be Happy!

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You want a better life. You want to know how to be happy. I know you do. Who doesn’t? The one you’re living is causing you anxiety, grief, frustration and more turmoil than you desire. I’m not insinuating that your life sucks right now, or am I? When we start saying no to things, our life becomes better and almost magical.

But….we don’t. And our life ends up crappy. You do realize the choices you make reflect your life. No one else’s. You decide what to keep and what to toss out. No one can do that for you. You get that, right? So why then, do we still blame others for all the shit things that keep appearing in our lives? It’s a mystery for sure.

If you want a better life then it’s time to start saying NO to these 5 things.

How to be happy in 5 simple steps.


Talking about people is stupid. Are we so bored in our own lives that we must waste our time digging up dirt on someone else’s life? Is it necessary? Of course not. Yet we still do it. Gossiping is toxic negative energy. How on earth do you plan on having a happy positive and better life if you keep letting all that toxicity run through your blood?

Stop doing that now. It makes you look ugly and I know you don’t want to be ugly. And keep something in mind, the people you sit around and gossip with, chances are they are talking about you after you leave. Ugh!


Please let go of hate. Hate is so toxic and crippling. There is no room for love if your heart is full of hate. Don’t you want a better life? How do you expect to have a better life if you are carrying around hate? Newsflash for you. It just won’t happen. Sorry.

Start saying no to hating things and starting saying yes to love. Send love to things, people, everything. The more you spread love and feel love, the less you will hate. Please say no to hate.

Being a Doormat

Stop letting people walk all over you. You know you hate it. It drives you crazy. After it happens you spend the next hour/day/week complaining about it. What’s the point of that? Start saying no to being a doormat. You are NOT a doormat. You are a human with feelings. Start being treated like one.

Use your voice. Remember that thing? The one you have no trouble using with your bestie? Use it with the peeps who try to step all over you. Put your hand on your hip, your hand out in their face and say NO! Here’s to a happy life.

Limiting beliefs

We all have them and those suckers stop us from living the life we deserve. They stop us from believing in ourselves. They stop us from doing courageous stuff!!. They just stop us. Take that power away from them and take back YOUR power.

You can do be and have anything you want (except a unicorn, you can’t be unicorn, we’ve talked about this before). Stop listening to and feeding into these limiting beliefs. If you need to, go listen to some motivational podcasts or watch Lisa Nichols or Les Brown on YouTube. You are awesome and your limiting beliefs need to go. Now!!

Stress and Worry

They serve no purpose. At all. Whatsoever. You are wasting time worrying about things that haven’t even happened. Why are you doing that? That’s the same with stress. We stress over stuff that eventually works itself out anyway.

Remember everything is temporary. Even your troubles. Take a deep breath, embrace the challenge, have faith that it will work out exactly how it is supposed to, smile and release. I know, easier said than done, but please just try it. Next time something stressful shows up, let it go. Say no to stress and worry!

See the pattern here? All this stuff is negative. If you want a better life you must let go of negative toxic things. You will not achieve happiness while you are still hanging on to all this crap.

Cheers!! You’re welcome.

Peace and Love


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  • Thanks for sharing this lately I am beginning to get worried and stress which is in someway affecting my health. Already I am fight to stop been stressed and worried…great piece

    • Hey Matthew thanx for dropping by and for your comment. I used to stress and worry about all kinds of things but life has a funny way of working out the way it’s supposed to. Let go and let things unfold the way they should. Life’s too short to waste precious time worrying 🙂

      much love

      xo iva xo

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