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Living Life Unfiltered: 8 Things I Don’t Give a Crap About

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You see, I’m naturally compassionate; it’s in my core. I genuinely care about a wide array of things–people’s well-being, the environment, fighting poverty, and yes, even my hair’s condition. These issues hold a special place in my heart, and I tackle them with profound care and concern. However, there are lots of things I don’t give a crap about; and this is where things get real. I deliberately avoid cluttering my list of concerns with some matters.

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These are things I’ve chosen not to invest my emotional energy in, ranging from others’ opinions of me to everyday topics like gas prices or fashion trends. So, I invite you to join me on this journey into my easygoing perspective. While you do, take a moment to reflect on your own priorities. You can also explore this raw open letter I made for myself and several positive self-talk you can practice.

8 Things I Don’t Give A Crap About

1. Other people’s opinions about me

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Nope, I couldn’t care less about that anymore. I used to, and the mere thought of someone disliking me used to greatly perturb me. I couldn’t fathom how anyone could hold such sentiments.

But now, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not everyone’s preferred flavor; I can be a bit of an unabashed mix of effusiveness and colorful language, often unsure of when to rein it in. That’s perfectly fine with me; I’ve reached a point where I’m utterly unfazed by it, not in the slightest.

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2. The dwindling price of things

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The never-ending talk about gas prices going up and down, hydro costs on the rise, cigarettes getting more expensive, and taxes going through the roof has left me feeling tired. Honestly, I’m just over these conversations. Can any of us really do anything about these economic ups and downs? Well, probably not.

I often wonder if you’ve got the money to cover your gas expenses, which you most likely do since you own a car. And handling your hydro bills and other necessary costs, well, you’ve got that under control too. On the flip side, I’m currently living in a third-world country where I see people struggling to afford basic things like food. In this context, all the talk about gas prices seems pretty insignificant, and it doesn’t grab my interest at all.

3. People who constantly complain

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I understand this might come across as unsympathetic, and I apologize, but if you happen to be one of those folks who constantly gripe about their latest aches and pains, well, I’ve reached a point where I can’t bring myself to care, and I kindly request you to cease the ongoing chatter about it. It’s both vexing and monotonous.

Let’s put a lid on the discussions about your knee, elbow, or big toe, shall we? To be completely honest, it’s safe to say that nobody wants to be a part of it any longer. I’ll boldly speak on behalf of the majority here, and you’re welcome. The truth is, people genuinely and sincerely have little patience for hearing others vent about their discomforts. There, I’ve laid it out.

4. Whether I die tomorrow or not

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I genuinely don’t lose sleep over the whole concept of my own mortality. I’m the kind of person who seizes each day with enthusiasm and vigor, and the thought of prematurely exiting the stage isn’t something I dwell on. Currently, I’m reveling in the beauty of life right here in Guatemala, and it’s safe to say I’m not in a hurry to part with such experiences. Nevertheless, I’ve heard fascinating stories about the afterlife, which offers a sense of intrigue. If, by some chance, the unexpected occurs, I’ve adopted an attitude of acceptance. After all, it’s not like I hold the reins in determining life’s final chapter.

5. Politics

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I’ll admit I’m way out of my political depth, whether it’s Trump, Biden, Trudeau, or any political figure – it’s all just a blur of noise. I’m a Canadian living in the scenic Guatemalan landscapes, gladly embracing my blissful political ignorance. The confusing, truth-laden, anger-filled world of politics holds no appeal for me. Instead, I invest my time and energy in positivity, kindness, and aiding others in this tropical haven. Here, I’ve found fulfillment that politics never provided. While political discussions may not be my thing, I’m always eager to share stories of goodwill and the joys of a life free from political turmoil.

6. The latest fashion trends

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Fashion advice, especially for the fabulous ladies in their 50s and beyond, is everywhere these days. It’s a chorus of “Don’t wear this, wear that, cut your hair, ditch those high heels.” But really, can we just pause and ask, why not let us strut our style stuff however we like, whenever we like, without the confines of age-based fashion norms? The avalanche of fashion do’s and don’ts can be stifling and utterly exhausting.

At this juncture of life, we’re all about embracing freedom and expressing ourselves authentically, not adhering to arbitrary fashion rules. So, when you hear a collective exhale from women over 50, it’s our way of letting go of the frustration of conforming to someone else’s fashion playbook. Just let us be, and we’ll demonstrate how confidence and individuality radiate brighter than any fleeting fashion trend.

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7. What everyone else is up to

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When it comes to our neighbors, I’m genuinely disinterested. Honestly, I don’t give a crap about Jane’s secret affair rumors or Sally’s alcohol and antidepressant use because their personal lives aren’t my concern. My focus is on spreading love, sharing smiles, and helping those in need to nurture a more positive and supportive community.

While the neighborhood may thrive on gossip, my heart is devoted to warmth, empathy, and uplifting those around me. I believe that building a sense of unity and extending a helping hand makes our community a better place to live and grow together.

8. Getting older

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I know I’m approaching the age of 60 this year. While it might be mildly disconcerting for some, I can wholeheartedly say that I’m not the least bit concerned about growing older. My journey has been nothing short of extraordinary and vibrant.

It’s been filled with adventures, transformations, and the privilege of inspiring and motivating countless individuals. I’ve lived a rich, fulfilling life. The process of aging is simply a natural part of our human experience, and it’s something that no longer troubles me.

I Don’t Give A Crap About Shallow Things And That’s Okay

The reason why I don’t give a crap about shallow things is because why dwell on the gloomy when you can invest your time in brighter, more positive things? Life is fleeting, and I prefer spreading love, radiating light, sharing kindness, and embracing joy each day. My compassion extends to people’s well-being, the environment, poverty, and even my hair’s condition, as these matters hold a special place in my heart.

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    1. Hey Caitlin thanx for popping by! Glad you liked the list. :) I love the fact that I can always be myself here and wonderful peeps like you appreciate that :) Thanx and Goddess on!!

  1. Love this list…what I love even more, is WE think alike!! Our lists are mirror images ♡♡♡

    1. Hey Sandy thanx for dropping your thoughts!! So glad there are others who kinda think like me, mind you that’s also kinda scary..lol. :D

  2. Hilarious – you have a very colorful way of putting things Iva :) I too don’t care about these items you mentioned and feel like caring about these things is what cripples us in life. I’m not even sure what is my favorite – every single one of these things resonate with me. TV is the greatest time waster in our lives – not missed it for one day in the last 5 years. Now, when I ever do see tv, I’m amazed and in awe and almost interested in the program b/c it’s such a novelty:)

    1. Hey Vishnu always nice to see you and so glad you enjoyed my rant :)..ya TV and me, meh, I couldn’t care less. Loving your newsletters by the way!! <3

  3. Iva, I can soooo relate to your list! It’s like reading my own! Glad that I’m not the only one and seriously, I don’t give a rat’s ass about it!

    1. Hey thanx so much for dropping by with your thoughts. Glad you liked the article. The politics one really is my worst. I am so out of the loop when it comes to politics and quite frankly….well…..:o

  4. HI, Iva

    Yet, Glad that you are out of bondage of those negative things. Freedom is the word to describe that feeling, right?

    Haven’t watched TV for many years, the news report all the bad things around people. They repeat the same news throughout the day, We really don’t need that to go to our ears.

    Yes, people treated us wrong. So what, they were past event, we can’t reverse them or do anything about them. The only thing we can do is to forgive. I feel so sorry for the people who still hold angry or um-forgiveness in their mind.

    Thanks for the insight.

    Stella Chiu

    1. Hey Stella thanx for dropping by! Always a pleasure to see you :) and you’re right, freedom is the word!

    1. :) thanx for your comment Erika and glad you enjoyed the blog. Love you too!! xoxox

  5. Well, that’s just cool for you. It sounds rather more like a huge venting list. Whooooo, my opinion about Canadians just took a blow. And you don’t care about when you’re going to die? I wouldn’t either if I was just some super human not caring a f*~£ about the people in my life I love and my purpose on this earth, and not just about little things like my hair. Very negative list indeed, and I’m referring to your attitude. We’re here on this mother&@”(#>~ earth to deal with these things in a positive way. I searched in vain for the positive in this blog article. It seems like you’re just waiting for your tribe to pick you up like that spaced out dude Patti Smith met during her early days in New York. Bon f*^€&#£$ Voyage.

    1. Yes it’s cool for me, it’s my blog :) Thanx for your comment. Much love from sunny Guatemala where, guess what, they don’t give a fuck about stupid shit down here either. Ah, right at home :)

  6. well said Iva…I indeed like your attitude…no pretending , straight forward and what matters to you and how you feel is absolutely nothing wrong with…keep on being you…luv you..

  7. I love this list. The first one I worked in a lot on because I have a very happy enthusiastic attitude and when I enjoy something you will know it. A lot of people disappear without a word and for awhile I thought something was wrong with me but you know what F them, perhaps they need to look at evolving their attitude. It ain’t me and I don’t care what anyone else thinks. This world needs more positive and fun in it.

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