10 Letting Go Quotes That Will Help You Move On.

I love quotes. All quotes. Funny ones, sarcastic ones, inspirational ones and success ones but I gotta admit, my favourite ones of all time are the letting go quotes. When I was in my really dark place I read a ton of quotes and read an awful lot of self help books, but these are the ones that really helped me move on and gave me some of my self confidence back.

I mean, you gotta admit, being in a dark place is no fun. Some of us do whatever  we have to do to get the heck out of there. Fast. Some of us stay there for too long. My hopes in writing this blog is that it may help some of you get out of your dark place sooner. I sincerely wish that for you.

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest in joy and love, peace and happiness. If you’re in a dark place right now please take in these quotes and feel them in every ounce of you. Feel them, live them, breathe them and heal.

10 Letting Go Quotes

letting go quotes to help you move on, quotes to help you leave the past behind

We don’t live in the past and though I know you’ve probably had a lot of terrible things happen, you have to live for today only.

letting go quotes to help you move on with life, quotes to help you forget the past

No matter what happened in the past, don’t beat yourself up over it. Whether it be a bad relationship or a career mistake, whatever it was. Time to move on and let it go.

letting go quotes to help you move on

Too often, it’s hard to move on from the past because we still hold on to anger and pain from the past. This is one of my favourite letting go quotes. Instead of holding on to all that pain and hurt, send them love and move on.

letting go quotes to help you move on with life

I know how hard it can be to let go of certain people but know that when you release them, you make room for better people to come into your life.

letting go quotes to help you move on with life

The sooner you do that, stop wasting your time on the wrong people, the happier you will be. Not everyone deserves your attention or presence. Remember that.

letting go quotes to help you move on, quotes to help you move on from the past

If you keep holding on to the problem you will never see or find solutions. Forget the pain and the problem and start looking for solutions for a better life.

letting go quotes to help you move on with life

Boom! Another one of my favourite letting go quotes. Stop talking about, whining about and touching your pain. It will never heal as long as you keep rubbing it.

letting go quotes to help you move on with life

This one is for those of you who are still stuck on your ex’s or still hurt from them. There definitely is someone out there better for you. Trust!

letting go quotes to help you move on with life

I think for many of us, our biggest problem is that we don’t think we are worthy of anything great and we give ourselves to the wrong people. Know you are worthy and let go of the thought that you aren’t. You are good enough.

letting go quotes to help you move on

And the grand finale of letting go quotes. This should be number one but I saved the best for last. Everything is temporary. The good, the bad and life. Don’t take life too seriously, learn to forgive quickly, love unconditionally and don’t let anything dim your shine.

This is my little roundup of letting go quotes. I hope some of these resonate with you. Life sure can be hard and poopy at times, I totally get that, trust me I do, but I found a lot of peace and happiness in forgiveness and reminding myself that life is short.

It’s also meant to be lived in peace, joy, love and happiness. Not anger, hate, hurt, frustration and full of grudges. Learn to let go and move on. This is your life. You get to write each chapter in your story.

Careful what you’re writing.

Bartender, what kind of red do you have tonight?

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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