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How to Deal With Toxic People in 5 Effective Steps

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Toxic people suck. There I said it. I mean, not being judgmental or anything as we all know this is always a judgment-free zone, but let’s be real here, they suck and we’re gonna talk about how to deal with toxic people.

And I don’t just mean they suck as in they are horrible yucky people (wait, was that judgmental?).

I mean they suck…the life out of us. Am I right? Don’t you ever feel like your heart and soul were just violently ripped out of your body after having to deal with toxic people?

Ok so maybe that’s a tad dramatic but you know what I mean.

You’re drained, you’re empty, you’re a shell of a person. Empty and exhausted.

You know, I get that it’s impossible to stay away from toxic people altogether. I mean, some of us actually have to live with toxic people (sorry for you, really I am). That’s a nightmare all in its own and I ain’t no family or marriage counselor for the sake of this blog, we’re not talking about those toxic people.

With that said, however, you can most certainly try one of these methods and see what happens.

Alright so how do we deal with them effectively short of stabbing them in the eye? Here are 5 sure-fire ways to deal with toxic people.

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5 ways to deal with toxic people

1 Change the topic

Flat out, as soon as they start their crap, kindly suggest a topic change. Politely (yes we are being kind and polite) tell them you don’t really like it when they start spewing venom like the Spawn of Satan (wait, isn’t that polite?) and if they are going to continue to talk like that, then you will just leave the room.

Be firm, gentle, kind, and confident.

Remember you do not have to engage in conversation that makes you feel uncomfortable, upsets you, or makes you angry/sad/depressed or whatever.

Obviously, one of two things is gonna happen.

1) They will stop or 2) they will tell you if you don’t like it, then leave.

Which brings us to point 2.

2 Walk away from toxic people

Yup, plain and simple, just walk away. No yelling, fighting, or screaming, or anything crazy like that. Smile and walk away.

Remember, you always have choices in life, no matter where you are or what you are doing. If you don’t like the way someone is acting or talking to you, you have the choice to leave, walk away. Yup, you do.

If they don’t like it too bad. They obviously have no respect for you or any care or concern for your feelings. They don’t have the right to spew toxicity to you. Maybe one day they’ll get the hint.

Always remember that when we remove toxic people from our lives it makes room for more like-minded people to come in.

3 Set boundaries

Negative and toxic people will continue to treat you the way you have always shown them. If we don’t respect ourselves, how do we expect others to treat us with respect?

We can’t.

It’s important to set and form solid boundary lines so these toxic people know that their behaviour is not welcomed or accepted by you. And that’s perfectly ok.

You might like this mini self-help eBook I wrote recently on how to form boundary lines. Click the link or the image below to grab your copy now.

How to Set Boundary Lines

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4 Use your voice

Like seriously, just tell them to shut the f*ck up. For real. But maybe not like in a mean way.

Oftentimes, toxic people get away with being bullies and spewing their toxic garbage because no one has the balls to tell them to shut up. People are too afraid of them.

If you keep telling them to shut up they’ll eventually get the hint and stop being jerks. Honest. Give it a try!

5 Shield yourself from toxic people!

Yes, a shield. Like the Power Rangers from the ’80s. Build an invisible shield around you and command it to protect your energy from the toxic people/time vampires you have to deal with. You can make it any color and size you want.

Don’t think I’m crazy until you try this. Trust me on this one.

When you protect yourself from toxicity, deliberately and consciously protect yourself, guess what happens? It literally repels. I’m not even kidding. You will barely feel a thing and your soul will remain intact. Toxic people don’t stand a chance against this energy field.

Isn’t that great?

You know, in this big and beautiful world full of love and magic, there is also a wee bit of hate and anger. You don’t have to take part in hate and anger. You can choose to infect it with love instead.

The more of us in the world who take the time to back away from the negativity and take part in and spread positivity, the better the world will be.

All change starts with us.

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How to deal with toxic people

So now you kinda know how to deal with toxic people I really just want to summarize and make sure you know that it’s up to you to stop them or walk away.

We don’t ever have to put up with things or people who don’t bring us joy or simply make us unhappy and miserable. We’re not here for misery. We’re here for joy.


And if someone in your life is causing you pain, sorrow, misery or anything toxic thing, then it’s time to stop them or let them go. You don’t deserve to be treated like that. Ever.

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Peace and Love


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  1. I have for the first time not reacted to my ex narcs bullshit. And hell yeah it feels so good to be in control of how I want to react and take control of my life. My ex narc is stalking me with his new supply and boy is she in for a rude awakening. The lengths he’s gone to slander me is just unbelievable SERIOUSLY. But now I can see what kind of crap he’s been telling people and turning them against me to make me look like the bad person and he plays the victim role. What really upsets me is he’s got my children on his side, but the other day my 23 year old has caught on to his pathetic behavior. I’m so proud of her cause I know she knows exactly who she is and will walk away from toxic people. You go girl, so 1 down 3 more to go. I have my heart in the right place and I’m hoping they to will work the narc out. To make things a bit easier I’ve given him all the pics of himself back to him and I’ve burnt some of the ones we are together. Feels great

    1. Good on you Matrona!! Thanx for sharing your story and yay to you!! Your kids will come around one day. xoxo

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